Arctic Vapor Beginner Set by Coi Review

Coi is an e-cigarette company that has a sort of caviar theme going on with their e-cigarette starter kits.  The company sent me one of their entry level kits, the Arctic kit to look at and share my impressions.  This one is labelled as a “beginner” setup, yet it’s actually an eGo style battery with a nice clearomizer.  Check out the rest of the Coi Arctic kit review to see what’s going on with this kit.

Disclosure: I received this kit for review purposes at no charge.

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coi arctic kit review kit image Product name Arctic Vapor Beginner Set
Available from
Price  $26.95
Competing products  Zombie Kit, Apollo eGo kit
Who’s it for?  Beginners and others looking for a solid eGo kit

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Coi Arctic Vapor Beginner Set Design

As I’ve mentioned previously, it’s refreshing to see the industry move more to tank-style or “open” e-cigarette systems from the old style pre-filled cartomizer and stick batteries.  The Coi kit goes above and beyond with the setup.  Rather than including a typical CE-style clearomizer, this one comes with a pair of bottom-coil clearomizers.

Coi Arctic kit review clearomizer and batteryI don’t recall seeing this particular style in Kanger’s lineup, but it features a replaceable bottom coil head very similar to the Kanger style.  However, the Arctic clearos sport a unibody design.  The tank and mouthpiece are formed from a single piece of plastic with the center air tube running down the center.

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The bottom is more typical with a pressure fitted metal ring to which the head assembly and bottom cap screw in.  This is an eGo style cearomizer with the threads on the “skirt” portion, rather than the 510 connection.

Like the battery, the clearomizer is done with a blue tint.  Blue is the dominant color in this setup.  I guess it’s an Arctic thing.

The battery is pretty typical eGo fare. It weighs in at 900 mAh and features a transparent button on the collar above the battery.  Not surprisingly, the button illuminates with a blue LED to match the rest of the theme.

Like any good eGo battery these days, there’s a 5-click on/off feature. This is handy for preventing accidental pocket firings.  Hot pants should stay in the 70’s where they belong.

Charging is also typical eGo style with a USB cable with a screw-in connector.  The kit also wisely includes an AC to USB adapter to provide a uniform voltage level to the battery.

Sadly, the kit includes only one battery.  A personal peeve of mine, particularly when the battery lacks USB pass-through capability. What exactly are you supposed to do when the battery needs to be charged.  This is particularly problematic for new users to whom this setup is targeted.

Using the Arctic Vapor Beginner Set

First the numbers.  This setup has a regulated 3.7 volt battery. When coupled to the 2.5 ohm clearomizer, voltage drops to around 3.5 volts.  From a numbers standpoint, this is a pretty middle-of-the-road setup.

coi arctic kit review battery detailNot surprisingly, performance isn’t what I’d call a runaway. Then again, it’s also pretty respectable, especially when lined up against other entry-level e-cigarette starter kits.

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I’ve been running this setup with some of the e-liquid provided by Coi. I suppose that disadvantages the review because it’s not a familiar liquid.  Unfortunately, most of the stuff I have on hand as of this writing are notorious tank crackers.  I guarantee you’re asking for trouble if you use those in this tank.

That being said, the stock liquid has a good flavor to it, so I have to conclude the flavor profile is good. Maybe not the most vibrant I’ve experienced, but decent.  Vapor production runs along the same lines.  The company doesn’t mention the PG/VG ratio of their liquid but it seems fairly thin to me, so it’s likely less heavy on the VG which could result in lower vapor production.

A thinner liquid will certainly help with wicking.  There were no issues here. As combination of the lower voltage and less viscous liquid, I had no run-ins with dry spots at all.

It seems that everything just works together well. Coi appears to have done a good job matching its equipment and liquids making this nice first-time vaping experience.

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coi arctic kit review tldr

The Coi Arctic kit comes in a cool blue from the battery to the unibody bottom coil 2ml clearomizer.  Performance is decent, though not earth-shattering.  Everything works together well in this setup making it a great choice for a new user, just like the name of the kit suggests.

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  • Reliable performance
  • Easy filling
  • Nice carrying case
  • Attractive design
  • Good clearomizers


  • Kit includes only one battery
  • No USB pass-through charging
  • Tanks will crack with acidic liquid

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