Are regulators waiting for a smoking gun?

The following post comes to us from Mark B.  As always, opinions in guest posts are solely those of the author.

Image: / Naypong
Image: / Naypong

As the regulatory issues regarding the vaping industry continue to drag on, month after month after month, there is speculation as to why the authorities are making such a big issue of this. Even though we do require further medical trials to confirm any potential health issues, this data is starting to flow and so far it has been positive for the industry. There is a growing view that more than enough information is available today to make an educated guess about any potential health issues, so why are the authorities still sitting on their hands?

Are they waiting for a smoking gun?

As the amount of medical trial data in the public domain continues to grow there have been a number of false alarms regarding vaping products and the vaping industry. There have been suggestions of carcinogenic toxins, concerns about the inhaling of metal elements as well as concerns about variable voltage vaping devices. On further reflection these concerns have been proven to be flawed and indeed the environment in which some of these situations are said to have occurred were not compatible with the vaping community.

This has prompted speculation as to whether regulators are waiting for a smoking gun which they can use to clampdown upon future sales and as a consequence potentially price small to medium-sized companies out of the market. Is this a reality?

Information vacuum

The truth is that the longer the likes of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) delay the introduction of vaping regulations the more speculation will emerge. It is common knowledge that tobacco companies are working behind-the-scenes to lobby for strict regulations and authorisation costs which would effectively see many small to medium-sized companies go out of business. While it may be a little unfair to suggest that the FDA is working against the vaping industry there is little sign of the administration working with the industry!

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If regulators around the world are waiting for the so-called “smoking gun” which could decimate the industry and leave it classified in the same manner as the tobacco sector, they are still waiting. Let’s not forget this is an industry which has been ridiculed, the subject of ridiculous speculation and untruths and yet still emerge like a phoenix from the flames to grab a growing share of the tobacco industry. What will it take to turn consumers against the industry?

The growing trust factor

Looking forward from five years ago it would have been difficult to see the emergence of the trust factor between consumers and the vaping industry which we see today. The industry has attempted to remain as transparent as possible, address all rumours and counter rumours as well as requesting the publication of long-term medical trial data. The fact is that vaping products contain but a fraction of the ingredients in a modern day electronic cigarette and indeed these ingredients are already in the food chain. We know in theory any potential issues associated with the likes of nicotine and while it is sensible to carry out specific research, will this really throw up any surprises?

The wait for the so-called smoking gun continues but is this really a forlorn hope?
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