Aspire Atlantis Next Generation Vapor Tank Review

We are in an amazing age of vaping with what I just started calling super tanks right now.  Sure, why not?  Anyway, the Aspire Atlantis is one of the most popular of this new generation of vaping tanks.  Like its competitors, it promises performance of an RBA with the convenience of a traditional tank.  Check out the review to see how it lives up to that idea.

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Disclosure: I received this item for review from Hawk Vape.  Hawk Vape is a wholesale distributor, if you’re a retailer, be sure to check them out. 

Aspire Atlantis Review

The Atlantis has a fairly simple design which hides the true nature of this device fairly well.  The only thing that gives away this tank as anything other than your garden-variety tank is the extremely wide-bore tip perched atop  the Aspire tank.

aspire atlantis review tank imageOtherwise, the design is straight forward, decked out in stainless steel. The top cap features a slight lip that curves up to meet the previously mentioned tailpipe of a drip tip.

Beneath the cap is a pyrex glass tank. The tank isn’t huge, falling in line with many other tanks.

If you peer through the tank, you can spy a wider than usual internal structure. The large internals are part of the reason the Atlantis has a fairly small capacity of around 3ml.  Below that sits the oversized white gasket you’ll also see in other Aspire products like the Nautilus.

At the bottom below the glass tank section sits and adjustable airflow base.  The base features knurling for easy turning and a wide slot that can be moved over a series of progressively smaller openings to reduce, or increase, airflow.

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When you unscrew the bottom cap to get to the atomizer head, that’s where things get interesting.  As I previously mentioned, the head assembly as well as the upper chamber in which the head fits are considerably larger than mere mortal tanks.

aspire atlantis head detail

Peering down the top of the head itself, you’ll see a large coil mounted vertically.  Aspire refers to this as their BVC (bottom vertical coil) technology. The center of the coil has no wick running through it. Instead, the coil is surrounded by wick.

The outside of the head features four large holes that allow e-liquid to transfer directly to the wicking material from inside the cap.  The top of the head is shielded from e-liquid via the top assembly mounted in the upper portion of the tank.

Unlike some other tanks, the Aspire comes but with one replacement head.  Unlike other tanks, they also include a replacement glass tank.

Using the Aspire Atlantis

The coil in the replacement heads is rated at 0.5 ohm. Paired with the unique coil setup and wicking material, this tank seems perfect for high wattage vaping.  Indeed, Aspire recommends voltages between 20 and 30 watts.

You can push the wattage a little higher, but it seems to get a little dicey at higher voltage with very little gain in return.

Even at 30 watts, if I hit the Atlantis too rapidly, I notice a little hint of burnt flavor.  Interestingly, it doesn’t seem that the coil or wick get burnt much.  I have been running on the first head supplied with my review unit for about three weeks without a major degradation in performance and flavor.

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I’ve at times run the tank too low and started to get a burnt taste, but it bounces right back after a fill-up.  This thing is like the Energizer Bunny of tank heads.

I’ve talked about how much I’ve been using the Aspire Atlantis, but not much about what using it is like.  Allow me to elaborate.  I tend to cruise around the suggested wattage, usually in the 25-30 watt range depending on what device I’m using. I’ve tried it on some 20 watt devices, but they seem to have trouble pushing a .5 ohm load at the max wattage.

This tank was just made for belting out clouds of vapor.  I think it’s the extra wide tip that encourages that sort of behavior.atlantis review on itaste mvp 3.0

The aspire does a good job producing a ton of vapor.  Yet, you can also dial down the wattage a little and restrict the airflow to get more of a traditional tank feel, especially if you use a smaller bore tip.  With that setup, you get a good traditional feel with excellent throat hit and flavor production.


I know you’re wondering how it stacks up against the Kanger Subtank.  I think the Subtank can produce better results in general in both cloudiness and flavor.  But, the Kanger heads do not hold up nearly as well as the Aspire head has held up so far.

There’s a lot to love about the Aspire tank, and it certainly is worthy of careful consideration.  The smaller design is appealing as is the long-lasting heads.  The different types of performance you can get out of the same tank without changing head configurations is also compelling.

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Aspire has produced a very competent tank that has a large following for a very good reason.

If you’re a retailer looking for a wholesale company to supply these for you, check out Hawk Vape.

Be sure to check your favorite retailer for availability of the Atlantis.

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  • I have been using the Aspire Atlantis and over all, I am pleased with its performance. The only problem is, the little gasket at the bottom near the screw threads tends to wear out after about a month of use and begins to leak the liquid into my vape unit and it gets messy. Are there any replacement gaskets available so that I don’t have to keep replacing the entire atomizer every 30 days?

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