Aspire Nautilus Review – Better Late than Never

Aspire’s Nautilus dual coil Pyrex tank has been on the market for some time.  Not only that, but it’s been exceptionally popular. For some reason, I never bothered reviewing the tank.  That’s all going to change now. Join me after the break for my review of the Aspire Nautilus

Disclosure, I received this product at no charge for review purposes. This review features affiliate links. 

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aspire nautilus review card image Product name  Aspire Nautilus
Available from  VaporAlley
Price  $35.99
Tank construction  Pyrex Glass
Competing products ProTank, Trophy Tank 
Who’s it for?  Users looking for a high-quality, large capacity Pyrex tank

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Aspire Nautilus Pyrex BDC Design

As the name suggests, Aspire’s tank sports dual bottom coils.  The coil head is, of course, replaceable but is of a much different design than contemporaries like the ProTank.

aspire nautilus review tank imageUnlike most heads that feature some sort of top cap assembly, the Nautilus goes topless.  You can look down from the top and be staring directly at the top coil.

In lieu of the onboard cap, Aspire uses an bell-shaped cover attached directly to the airway stem.  The coil head screws into the bottom of the bell when the bottom cap is screwed into the tank.  This forms an air-tight seal.

e-Liquid hits the coils by way of a couple holes toward the bottom of the replaceable head. The coil assemblies are surrounded by a sleeve of wicking material that transfers the liquid from the holes, to itself, and then to the wicks on the coils.

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The result is a tank that doesn’t leak or gurgle. That’s not the only trick Aspire has up its proverbial sleeve.

aspire nautilus review adjustable detailAnother marquee feature of the Nautilus is the adjustable airflow.  The base between the battery connector bottom cap and the tank has a series of four holes of varying size.  A ring fits over this part. Airflow is then selected by the user through the action of twisting the outer band until the sole hole in the band exposes the desired airhole.

Each setting for airflow is met with a tactile click to ensure the user knows he or she has indeed landed upon a valid airflow setting (as if the inability to puff wouldn’t be a giveaway.)

nautilus aspire review tank detailAside from the technical features, the Aspire tank is a very unique piece of vaping gear.  Thanks in large part to its unique Pyrex glass tank, the Nautilus boasts a very unique profile.

Weighing in at an impressive 5ml, this is not a small tank.  It sort of looks like a jar more than a tank really.  Unlike most other tanks on the market, the Aspire’s glass extends past the top edge of the tank. Rather, it slopes inward terminating in a threaded opening similar to a jar.

A smaller top cap screws into the top of the Pyrex tank ensuring a snug fit in addition to the coil assembly section screwing into the air tube which is attached to the top cap.

All parts are replaceable by unscrewing the parts to separate out each individual piece.  Aspire offers alternate tanks such as all stainless or glass inside a little stainless cage.

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Using the Aspire Nautilus

Good looks are swell and all, but at the end of the day, a pretty tank that doesn’t performed isn’t worth much.  Considering this is a pricy tank to begin with, that’s kind of a big deal.

aspire nautilus review cap gasketWe’ll get to that momentarily, but for now, let’s talk about stuff like filling the tank.  I know it seems sort of out of place when talking about how well a device works, but pouring liquid down your shirt kind of sucks.

The Aspire’s chunky size works well for it with regards to filling.  There is a lot of space between the side of the glass tank and the bell over the air tube.  I can fill directly from my giant bottles of e-liquid I buy for cheap at MtBakerVapor.

About the hardest thing with filling this jumbo tank is getting the bottom end cap off in the first place.  There’s a giant gasket surrounding the coil head assembly and it’s fitted very snugly to the sides of the tank.  It takes a bit of a practiced unscrew and pull technique to open up the tank.

Now that we’ve gotten the tank filled up, let’s vape this bad boy!

Some of the performance is going to depend on how you set the draw on the device.  An airy draw with the largest air hole selected will result in the most vapor. But, it may be difficult to keep the wicks happily wet at higher voltages.

aspire nautilus using 1

If you tend to run things hot like I do, one of the smaller sizes may suit you better.  A little more force behind the puff means the device will wick a little faster.  The tighter draw settings also tend to produce a more flavorful vapor that has more of a concentrated feel to it.

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I often find myself switching around between the settings.  I’ll start with a tight draw and then open it up once the wicks are good and saturated to get my clouds flowing.  If I feel things starting to get dry, I tighten it back up and repeat the process.

Between the ability to change how it vapes and the overall huge size, it makes for a tank I don’t really worry about switching out throughout the day.  Even as a heavy vaper, I can get through most days on a single fill up.  On bad days, I’m about empty by lunch time and realize it might be time to slow down.

It’s easy to see why the Aspire Nautilus is so popular.

Too Long; Didn’t Read

aspire nautilus tldr head

The Aspire Nautilus is a beautiful dual bottom coil tank with a hefty Pyrex tank assembly.  A novel head design prevents leaking and gurgling while adjustable airflow is handy for controlling your vape and how well e-liquid flows to the coil.


  • Good performance
  • Huge capacity
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Virtually leak free
  • Unique appearance


  • A bit on the large side
  • Pricey

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