Asvape Cobra MTL Tank #1 with a Bullet? [Review]

Asvape's new Cobra tank is designed for lower-wattage mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping. Even if this device doesn't have the power output of some of the heavy-duty tanks out there, Asvape still built a lot of attitude into their tank.


Find out all the gory details in this Asvape Cobra MTL tank review. 

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Asvape Cobra MTL Tank Features & Specs

What it says on the box

  • Features   
  •   Tech Specs    
  • 360 degree liquid intake
  • Bottom Airflow adjustment
  • Top Fill 
  • Replacement tank and head included 
  Tech Specs    

Capacity: 3.8ml

Thread: 510

Airflow Hole: 2 parts

Coil: 0.5ohm Ni80 coil (35W – 45W)

Material: Food grade SS304 + Pyrex Glass + Import black pom drip tip

  • Capacity: 3.8ml
  • Threading: 510
  • Included head: .5 ohm
  • Construction: Pyrex & Stainless Steel 


Asvape Cobra MTL Tank Review 


It seems that direct to lung, ultra-low resistance cloud machines get all the glory. I admit even I consider vapor production when reviewing a product. Yet, making clouds isn't the only thing vaping should be about. 

Indeed, many of the products I have a fondness for aren't necessarily the biggest fog machines in the world. And that's where devices like the Cobra come into play. 

The Asvape Cobra is a tank designed for use around 40 watts and it seems to do a pretty good job in that space. 

Perhaps that's a bit of a spoiler. I usually don't come out right away and say if I think a product is decent. But, I wanted to get that out of the way so I can talk a little bit about the Cobra's design. 

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You see, the Cobra looks to me to be a device trying to compensate for it not being some massive 200 watt juice hog. The tank is pretty much simple in its design, but there's a couple of cues that make it look like it's trying a little too hard. 

The tank rocks a wide-bore drip tip that resembles those large mouthpieces on so many of the high watt tanks. It's actually not nearly as wide open as many of the tanks I've seen. 


The overall design of the topper is that of a heavy-duty device. 


Even more strange, the included replacement head comes packed in a little protective capsule. A capsule that is bullet shaped for no good reason. While that little design touch just seems silly to me, the head that's contained within is pretty impressive. 

The coil design is a vertical coil wrapped with cotton. Unlike many similar heads, this one has small perforations around the entirety of the body. 

This design allows liquid to come in and wick the coil from all points. Most devices will have a couple points of entry, usually toward the bottom. The traditional method works, but sometimes can result in e-liquid not saturating the cotton quickly enough, especially for chain vapers. 

By adding the liquid openings everywhere the recovery time is very short for the Cobra tank. More importantly, despite the juice free flowing, I haven't experienced any leaking issues from this device. 


That's kind of a big deal. I've had fantastic tanks that would leak and they ended up in the unused tank bin no matter how good the vapor production. 

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While what I wrote previously may make it sound like the Asvape Cobra tank isn't a good vapor producer, that's not entirely true. It certainly isn't a cloud machine, but it holds its own among other vaping tanks designed to run under 50 watts. 

Tanks rated at under 50 watts shouldn't be discounted right away. There are some real advantages to lower voltage (mouth to lung) vaping. 

These tanks tend to use a lot less e-liquid and they don't take a lot of power. That means that not only do you get to extend your battery life, but it also makes vaping on single battery mods a whole lot easier. 

If that sounds like your kind of jam, use the link below and pick one up from Buy Best today.

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