Author Claims Vaping Gateway to Pot Despite no Causality

Look, kids! A gateway! The latest Gateway study to make splashy headlines purports to show that teenaged vapers are far more likely to move on to the wacky tobaccy.

At least that’s the latest headlines following a recently published study. The authors stick by the notion that vaping hardwires kids’ brains to crave more exciting stuff like marijuana.

Even though the authors of this survey openly admit the studies they looked at do not prove a link between the two, it doesn’t stop them from saying that must be the case.

What is conveniently left out is the fact that they don’t even isolate the cases where some of these rascally teens started toking before vaping.

Studies included in the new review looked for correlation, not causation, meaning that researchers couldn’t prove that e-cigarettes directly caused increases in cannabis use. But when it comes to figuring out why marijuana use consistently increased in those who vaped, Chadi said “it’s hard for me to find a better explanation.”

Vaping linked to marijuana use in young people, research says |

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