Bauway iTouch – the Ego with a touch sensitive button

Bauway is an e-cigarette manufacturer that has been around the industry for a long time.  Back in the day, they made a pretty decent cartomizer, and a little more recently, their CE4 model was one of my faves.  I haven’t heard much from the company until recently when they sent me some of their new iTouch eGo-style batteries.  Read the rest of the review and find out how much better your life is without a physical button on your battery.

Disclosure: Bauway provided this product for review.
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Bauway iTouch card image Product name iTouch T101/T106
Available from  Xtreme Vaping
Price  From $10.95
Button  Conductive touch sensor
Competing products  Vision Spinner, eGo starter kits
Who’s it for?  New users, intermediate users, eGo fans

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Bauway iTouch Review

Bauway’s iTouch e-cigarette batteries come in two different models, the T101 and the T106.  Both models come in 650mAh and 900mAh editions, as well as black or silver coloring.

bauway t101 itouch review imageBoth models are standard eGo-style batteries complete with the eGo battery connector.  Neither model is variable voltage, these batteries are regulated at 3.7v.

The difference between the two models is button placement.  Actually, I should say touch sensor.  Neither of these models has a button in a traditional sense.  Rather it has a contact that completes a circuit when you touch the button.

Just to make sure you know when you’re touching the button, a ring around the sensor lights up when the device is active.  The light is also a multi-color battery level sensor going from white on a full charge to blue and finally to red when nearly depleted.  The only difference in the two models is the sensor location.

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bauway itouch review t106 button imageThe T101 has its sensor located on the bottom endcap of the device.  If you’ve used a mechanical mod recently, you’re probably familiar with how to use the 101.  Some users have a bit of an issue using a finger to wrap around and touch the bottom of the battery.  For those, Bauway has the T106 version of the iTouch.


That model has a touch sensor located in the traditional button location of most eGo e-cigarette batteries.  There’s a sort of convex indentation for the sensor to rest to make it easier to find the button location by touch, and to minimize accidental misfirings.

Even with the indent, I still found it a little too easy at times to activate the 106 when I didn’t want to.  Touch sensors are a little tricky for accidental firings.  Putting them in a pocket with metal might also cause the battery to fire.

Fortunately, the iTouch has a 10 second cutoff as well as a 5-click (tap?) on/off feature.  Just make sure to turn the battery off before putting it in a pocket to prevent accidental activation.  Let’s just say I managed to give myself a hot leg when I wasn’t paying attention once.

bauway itouch review t101 t106 together

It’s an interesting device for sure, it would have been even better if they could have combined it with variable voltage like the eGo twist models, but the touch sensor is a nice update to the old standby vaping device.

Availability is a little tough at the moment.  I only found one retailer selling these batteries at the moment.  You might want to ask your favorite vape shop to get a hold of Bauway if this is the type of device you might be interested in.

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