Beginners Guide to Choosing the Right Electronic Cigarette

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Are you are among the countless smokers who’ve finally decided to switch to electronic cigarettes so that you can get rid of the tobacco habit? Once you choose electronic cigarettes you have to make sure that you leave those traditional tobacco cigarettes behind. However, at first it might be difficult for you to decide from where to start and which product to choose. Which is why we have listed some tips that will help you choose the right electronic cigarette without hassle.

Know Your Aim:

It is essential for you to understand why you want to opt for electronic cigarettes. Is it just because you need a safer alternative or you want to get rid of the nicotine completely? There are various kinds of electronic cigarettes on the market and that question will help you to choose the right one.

Disposable e-cigarettes or two piece cartomizer is an ideal choice for those who are planning to quit nicotine completely. Those who are looking for a safer and simple way to enjoy nicotine long-term would probably be better served with rechargeable vaping devices.

Your Budget:

Traditional tobacco cigarettes cost almost £5,500 a year and on the other hand Electronic Cigarettes costs between £50- £60 a year and they are tax-free as well, making it the feasible option for those who wants to save money. Even if you want to enjoy vaping long-term you will still find a range of reliable e-cigarette device for every individual need.

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Searching for a Particular Flavour:

When it comes to flavour then electronic cigarettes have so much to offer you. With disposable electronic cigarettes, flavour options will be more limited. If you need something more exotic you should go for an e-liquid or refillable device. Once you learn about e-liquid there are many sites where you can order custom-mixed e-liquid flavours.

How Complex do you want this to be?

There are two different options here: One is single-piece disposables that are not reusable and the second are the refillable products which have tanks and atomizers with rechargeable batteries. The disposables are best for those who wants to get rid of nicotine habit, as they provide limited choice, few flavours and less flexibility.

The tank varieties offer an endless customization potential and can be used with an extensive range of e juice flavours. They last longer as compared to the disposables, save money also in case you vape often and on a long-term basis. There are high technology devices that provide much more flexibility for customization and allows you to change mods, batteries, tanks, and gain more control over the quantity of vapor and flavor your device produces.

Where to buy Electronic Cigarettes:

You also have to decide from where you will buy your vaping supplies. You will find disposables everywhere, in shops and online. However buying vaping products online offers you a variety of products to choose from at affordable prices. Plus you get your product at your doorstep without any hassle.


Buying an electronic cigarette is not a difficult task, you only have to identify your needs and then look for a product that suits your requirements. These above mentioned tips will help you to find the right electronic cigarette and ensure that your changeover from smoker to vaper is as smooth as possible.

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