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The 5 Best eCigs for Summer Vacation or on the Go

best ecigs vacation gripper mod on beachSummer is well upon us.  That also means for many of us, it’s time for that age-old tradition of summer vacation. I put this list of the 5 best ecigs for summer vacation based on my recent trip with the family to a famous mouse-related vacation destination. Between running around to theme parks, dealing with kids and everything else, I found I just didn’t want to cart a large personal vaporizer with me.

Whether you’re racing to get in line at an amusement park, at the beach, or even just going out for an evening, sometimes bigger isn’t always better.  I’ve compiled this list of some of my favorite devices that are easy to carry around to keep the load light.  Many of these devices are also good for grabbing a vape on the sly if you’re the type who would like a vape while riding in a boat surrounded by robotic pirates.

Here in no particular order are five choices I think you might find handy for those times when a larger device might not be convenient.


1. Inexpensive All Around Compact eCig Mod

MadVapes Gripper e-cigarette mod review product image

The Gripper from MadVapes

The Gripper is one of my favorite on-the-go devices. It’s very compact for vaping on the down low and it fits easily in a pocket. The cartomizer pocket keeps the profile low, but it requires XL cartomizers or an adapter for shorter gear. With a good battery, you’ll get great vapor in a small package. The low price tag doesn’t hurt either.
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2. Compact and Self-Contained Juice Feeder

V-MOD XL Review juice fed ecig by vapage title image

Vapage’s V-MOD

This device is a compact juice feeder e-cigarette device. It features an on-board e-liquid bottle so you take your liquid with you.  The design is compact for easy portability and use without drawing a lot of attention.  The design is all-mechanical, meaning there’s no need to worry about failed electronics while you’re away from home.
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3. Tiny Powerhouse

e-cig reviews SD Keychain Review battery connector image

The SD Keychain

Don’t let the size of this entry fool you. The SD Keychain is an incredibly small e-cigarette that packs a lot of performance. Designed by renowned modder Trog, the Keyring has a 510 connection with an automatic switch.  Couple this with a 3.5ml cartomizer tank for a lot of e-liquid capacity in a teeny tiny package. You shouldn’t have any problem putting this into a pocket for easy carting around.
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4. Small(ish) Variable Voltage

ego dual coil on twist

The eGo-C Twist

The eGo-C Twist is probably the biggest of the summer vacation ecig recommendations on this list. If you’re a fiend for variable voltage, the twist is a demure option compared to some of the bigger mods out there.  The eGo Twist offers rock solid variable voltage performance and is still a relatively small package. As an added bonus, it’s an eGo, so compatibility won’t be an issue.
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5. Stick with the Basics

smokeless image volt

Traditional Electronic Cigarette

This may be stating the obvious, but a standard mini-ecigarette is actually not a bad choice for on-the-go use.  They are already fairly small and readily fit into a pocket. If you go this route, a KR808 based ecig is a good choice because I think they perform quite well. You could even get something like the Smokeless Image Volt which features a case that charges your batteries and keeps them safe in your pocket.
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