Big Honkin’ Pyrex eCig Tank Review – The PBC

SmokTech has been putting in overtime coming up with new and interesting bottom coil tanks. The PBC is one of several that came out recently. This tank’s claim to fame is its mammoth size. This is one big tank able to comfortably house 5ml of e-liquid and then some. Check out this review of the SmokTech PBC bottom coil e-cigarette tank for all the details!

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smok pbc review title card image Product name SmokTech PBC
Available from  MadVapes
Price  $10.49
Capacity  5ML
Competing products  Protank, Trophy Tank
Who’s it for?  People who want a large capacity tank that won’t crack easily

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Smok PBC Bottom Coil Tank Design

I’m convinced PBC stands for “Pretty Big Clearo.” While the tank is no taller than your garden-variety 3.5ml tanks, it’s considerably fatter. Suffice it to say this thing would look pretty odd on an eGo battery.

Smoktech pbc review imageThe tank does look alright on bigger devices like the ProVari and the Innokin iTaste SVD, which should help give a rough idea of the diameter. This extra width allows the PBC to hold a rated 5ml, though I was able to squeeze a little over 5 in the tank.

Aside from the size, this looks like a fairly standard clearomizer tank. There’s nothing really in the way of fancy styling going on here, just polished and flat end caps. Unlike many bottom coil tanks, this Smok uses standard 510 drip tips (a clear tip is included with the tank).

The liquid tank itself is also unremarkable from the outside featuring a plastic sleeve available in several colors.

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However, the inside of the tank portion is more remarkable. This is one of Smok’s new Pyrex lined clearomizers. You get the color choices of plastic, but the durability of Pyrex so if you fancy acidic e-liquid, you don’t have to fear cracking the delicate plastic. The outer plastic sleeve also affords a basic layer of protection to the pyrex on the inside of the tank.

Like other bottom coils, the top cap is fixed and filling/coil replacement comes by way of unscrewing the bottom cap. Like all of Smok’s bottom feeders, the PBC uses the same replaceable heads as the rest of the company’s bottom coil devices. A great feature for people like me who have a habit of getting the replacement coils all mixed up.

The heads are fairly typical for this type of design as well. They bolt up with the bottom cap and feature a stem that sits atop the heating coil portion. This stem goes into a tube that’s fixed to the top cap and provides the airway for the vapor. Silicone gaskets keep e-liquid from just dribbling out the bottom of the tank.

I also noticed something interesting when I had the top cap removed. There is a ton of space between the wicks of the bottom coil head and the lip that fits against the inner tube. This means there’s plenty of room for the wicks to soak up liquid without being constricted by the housing.

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