Big Honkin’ Pyrex eCig Tank Review – The PBC

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Using the SmokTech Pyrex PBC Tank

Since the heads are essentially the same between different versions of SmokTech’s bottom coil tanks, performance differences tend to be a result of the PBC’s size.

smok pbc review headThe first difference comes in the filling department. Most bottom coils are fairly easy to fill, particularly if you happen to have a fine-tipped e-liquid bottle. The goal is always to get liquid in the tank without it dribbling down the center tube and running all over the place. This is a little easier with the 5ml PBC, but not as much as you would think. Having a Pyrex liner takes up some space inside the tank so you can’t just dump e-liquid from a cup in there or anything. Some care is still required.

I suppose this is obvious, but a larger capacity means fewer refills throughout the course of a day. The average vaper uses 5ml of e-liquid per day so in theory this tank will last all day for the average vaper.

Unlike some tanks I’ve used, I could get the liquid level very low before noticing any changes in the performance. So the all-day theory might just hold water. Or e-liquid.

Now, back to the part I mentioned in the design section. The amount of free range granted to the wicks by the large bottom cap.

You can throw a ton of power at these clearos with nary a complaint. I ran mine upwards of 12 watts of power.

That’s not to say this tank is power hungry, it produces great results at lower power as well. This tank is actually quite the fog machine. I was surprised by the amount of vapor that came out of this thing.

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Then again, the tank has a surprisingly airy draw. I’m not sure if that’s a result of the size of this tank or not. However, when there’s more air in the mix, that tends to produce more vapor, so it all makes sense. I found swapping out the included drip tip with one that has a smaller bore did tighten the draw a bit.

Vapor warmth is more a function of how much power gets tossed at the bottom coil. Like most bottom coil tanks the PBC doesn’t have the warmest vapor at lower wattages. However, cranked up to the higher wattage settings on whatever this ends up bolted to the vapor can be quite warm.

Smok might have come late to the bottom coil game, but it seems like they are ready to give Kanger a run for their money.

Too Long; Didn’t Read

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Other than being big, the PBC is a very competent tank. A Pyrex inner lining makes it acidic e-liquid friendly and the large capacity carries enough liquid for most people to last all day. While it has an airy draw, performance is quite impressive belting out plenty of vapor throughout a wide range of voltages. You can pick one up at MadVapes.


  • Huge capacity
  • Pyrex lining
  • Excellent vapor production
  • Easy to fill
  • Replaceable drip tips
  • Can handle higher wattages


  • Airy draw
  • A bit oversized

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