twig hand made wood box mod e-cigarette review

The Twig – Hand-made wood box mod e-cigarette impressions

twig hand made wood box mod e-cigarette review


ECig Workshop is a small company that hand makes wooden box mod e-cigarettes.  They recently introduced their new line of box mods which feature a sliding door for a more compact form factor than their previous models. Like the other models in the lineup, this box mod is hand-built to your specifications.  In this box mod review, we’ll take a look at the Twig from ECig Workshop.

The Twig Box Mod’s Design

I reviewed the Dinky previously. The Twig is a similar hand-made wood box mod from ECig Workshop.  Both mods are completely handmade from wood and house an 18350 protected or IMR battery. They also both use the same tactile plastic horn style switch.

twig wood box mod e-cigarette review switch
Note the new top-cap

The switch in the new Twig mod is countersunk, giving the device a more streamlined feel.  The new box mod is also thinner and slightly taller than the original Dinky mod. I also see a little more rounded shape in the Twig giving it less of a building block feel.

A thinner profile along with the gentle curves give the Twig an excellent hand feel.  It’s size and shape make it perfect for gripping in my hand.  My thumb lands naturally on the firing button.

Perhaps the biggest departure from the Twig’s slightly more chubby cousin is the loss of the hinged access door.  I always thought the recessed hinges in the Dinky were genius, but the Twig’s removable panel is no slouch either.

This new panel slides off completely and is held in place with two ridiculously strong rare earth magnets. The magnets coupled with ECig Workshop’s amazingly tight tolerances ensure the door isn’t going to come off accidentally. Of course, there’s nothing preventing me from losing the door once I take it off.

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twig box mod review panel removed
Inside the Twig

The Twig is a testament to the craftsmanship that ECW puts into their box mods.  Despite this new series of mods being built from five separate pieces, it still feels like a solid block of wood.

Unlike the Dinky which looked like a single block of wood, the door along with a separate top cap set the Twig apart. What isn’t so obvious is the main body of the Twig is made from three pieces: a main piece and two side panels.

I didn’t realize this at first until very close scrutiny of the wood box mod.  There are nearly invisible seams running along the front side of the mod.  Not being a woodworker myself, I’m always blown away by such tight tolerances in an organic material like wood.

As with all of ECig Workshops wooden mods, the Twig retains a natural finish.  The Twig is sealed with oil to allow the natural finish of the wood come through.

Mod performance

e-cigarette reviews twig box mod with tank
Ready to roll!

From a performance standpoint, the Twig is nearly identical to the Dinky.  These smaller version mods use an 18350 battery, which should deliver several good hours of vaping time.  The other models in the line sport the big 18650 battery if you want something that will last all day.

The two mods also share a couple of the potential flaws as well.  Despite plans to incorporate a drip cup in the design, the Twig still lacks such a feature for drippers.  The 510 connector is sealed and there’s no circuitry inside to be fouled by errant eliquid spills.

The mod also still lacks a discrete on/off switch for easy pocket carrying.  While the Twig is a little more pocket friendly, it’s still fairly chunky.  I prefer to leave this mod on my desk to show it off.  If you do want to stick the Twig in a bag, be sure to pop out the battery or loosen your cartomizer first to prevent accidental firing.

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The good news is it does take a bit of pressure to fire the Twig. I really like the button they use on these mods. There is an excellent tactile feel to them with a nice click to let you know the button has been engaged.


e-cigarette reviews twig wooden box mod bottom image


Too Long; Didn’t Read

The Twig by eCig Workshop is a worthy update to their original wood box mod, the Dinky.  While no longer carved out of a single block of wood, the amazingly tight tolerances in the build continue to give this handcrafted box mod a very solid feeling.  Lacking an on/off switch, the mod might not be the best traveler.  Personally, I keep this one on my desk as a conversation piece, like those oversized desk lighters from a bygone era.


  • Well constructed
  • Inexpensive for a handcrafted wooden box mod
  • Great button feel
  • Comfortable hand grip
  • Built to order


  • No drip cup for you serial over-drippers
  • No on/off switch
  • Cover isn’t attached to the body


Product: The Twig
Buy it From: ECig Workshop
Price: $44.99
Threading: Built to order (typically 510)
Battery: Protected or IMR 18350

Steve K

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  • Do you know off-hand if anyone is making e-cigs that are entirely waterproof?

    I would probably buy something like that in order to use it while in the shower.

    I’m serious too. I would.

    • I don't know of any that are completely waterproof off hand. Even if the PV were, you'd still have the issue of your cartos getting wet. About the closest I could think of would maybe be something like the Icon or Prodigy which are totally mechanical, so no electronics to worry about. Neither of those are of course waterproof, but it might be as close as you can get.

  • Yep .. there is .. Rubicon

    David Gordy (Leggomyears) makes the OutDoorsman & the Raven. He even did a vid of him vaping the OutDoorsman in – you guessed it – the shower.

  • vapingjourney

    (03/28/12 - 8:01 am)

    I love the look of this wooden mod. The quality of the workmanship looks fantastic.
    As you say in your review it is the perfect piece to sit on your desk to attract admiring glances. Off to look at their wares now…

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