Joyetech eVic Firmware 2.0 Quick Look

I recently reviewed the Joyetech eVic based on firmware version 1.1. At the same time Joye released eVic 1.1 they also announced firmware 2.0 is on its way along with MVR 2.0 and a 1.0 version of MVR for Mac OS X! I haven’t yet gotten my hands on the MVR stuff, but a little birdie dropped the firmware off the back of a truck, so I thought I’d share what’s new in there.
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The Variable Voltage and Wattage Sigelei ZMAX Review

The ZMAX exists in an odd world with two different manufacturers producing devices with the same name.  Smoktech has a ZMAX which is a variable wattage version of the VMAX I reviewed previously. Sigelei also has a ZMAX that looks nearly identical. Both feature voltage and wattage adjustment as well as single or dual battery operation. I have both versions and opted to focus on the latter model in this ZMAX review primarily because I believe it to have better features and a lower price tag than the Smoktech version.
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eVic by Joyetech – High Tech eCig Review

Up to this point e-cigarettes, even the more advanced models, have been pretty straight forward. They may have variable voltage and wattage, but once you bought it, you pretty much had to buy a new one when improvements, or even fixes, were made. Joyetech’s eVic promises to change all that by rolling out an e-cigarette with updatable firmware. What’s more the eVic itself has some design features that are also new to the market. The question is do these things make for a good vaping experience? Read the rest of the eVic review to find out if this is the next big thing, or unnecessary fluff!
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Robust Review – The Littlest Big Battery Variable Voltage eCig

Variable voltage e-cigarettes seem to be split into two camps. There are the original style, large (mostly) tubular devices that use external batteries. Those models were joined fairly recently by eGo-style midrange electronic cigarettes. Now we have the Robust which bridges the gap between the two styles. Slightly larger than an eGo, the Robust packs the same basic features of a larger device, including a replaceable battery. This Robust ecig review will explore whether the name is fitting for the device.
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eGo (Vamo) APV Review – Advanced Features, Budget Friendly

Variable wattage e-cigarettes seem to be the next frontier in electronic cigarette innovation.  Once solely the domain of ultra-expensive and hard to get mods like the Darwin, variable wattage devices are more common than ever. These lower-priced devices are improving at a rapid pace. Typically, when a product becomes more common, prices drop. The Vamo (eGo APV) is this theory in action with its budget friendly price tag and innovative features. Read the rest of the Vamo review after the jump to find out if you get what you pay for or if this is one heckuva bargain.
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OMG! V4L Handle Mod Review

Among the “big box” e-cigarette vendors, Vapor4Life has taken steps to set itself apart from the pack. The company made its name with its selection of traditional e-cigarettes, but it has started carrying a line of advanced devices. This line is called OMG and features a number of advanced devices. V4L sent me an example of one device, the OMG Handle Mod. I’ll take a look at this personal vaporizer and try to get a handle on a review.
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Innokin iTaste MVP Review

Innokin’s iTaste has been through a few redesigns from the first model with the magnetic connector to the Express with a dedicated connector. This trend continues with the Innokin iTaste MVP. I’m not exactly sure what MVP stands for, but this model is a much bigger version with a few tricks up its sleeve. Check out the Innokin iTaste MVP Review and see if this might be a useful device to add to your e-cigarette collection.
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Vision Spinner eGo Variable Voltage Review title

Vision Spinner 400 mAh Review

Variable Voltage eGo e-cigarettes seem to be a hot commodity. I remember the days when I wished somebody would make one. Now it seems every time you turn around, there’s another take on the VV eGo concept.  The Vision Spinner is another entry in this category.  The Spinner has been around for a while now, but Vision just added a small 400 mAh variant to its family of variable voltage eGos. This review will cover the new, compact device as well as the Spinner family in general.
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smoktech vmax variable voltage e-cigarette title imate

Smoktech VMAX Variable Voltage e-Cigarette Review

The Smoktech VMAX variable voltage e-cigarette has been on the market for a little while now.  I’ve not paid much attention to the device, but a number of regulars here at the site have asked for my take.  At first glance, this device seems to be heavily influenced by the ProVari.  There is one significant difference, however, the VMAX uses two batteries to unleash its performance. Let’s review the Smoktech VMAX and see how this device stacks up.
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