Get to Know Your Vape Vendor: VAPEREV

Welcome to the first installment of what I hope will be an ongoing series. In this series I will interview proprietors of various vape-related businesses with an eye toward being active to protect everyone’s right to vape. I had the opportunity to interview Celina Tompkins from a California-based vape shop and all around vaper’s resource called VAPREV. They were heavily active in trying to keep bad e-cigarette legislation from happening in their area.
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5 Reasons ALL Vapers Need to Join CASAA Now

casaa-logo-newCASAA or the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association, is an organization dedicated to ensuring e-cigarettes (and other smoke-free alternatives like Swedish Snus) remain available to consumers.  The group has been around for  years, and many readers of this blog have heard of them and may already be members. I recently learned a disturbing thing about the group.  They happily announced they are now 19,000 members strong after a huge spike in membership.
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5 Things That Must be Done About e-Cigarette Fires NOW

e-Cigarette fires seem to be a weekly fixture in the news cycle these days. It has all the things the media looks for in a news story: A somewhat strange product, hidden danger and tragedy befalling the unexpected.  These stories are also popping up at the worst possible time with e-cigarettes being up against the ropes and in the crosshairs of powerful politicians.
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Smoktech Groove Recall

Smoktech has issued a product-wide recall for its Groove advanced personal vaporizer.  There have been reports of catastrophic failures. Smoktech has confirmed this was a design flaw.  If you have one of these products, you should contact the merchant from which you purchased it as soon as possible.  I would also suggest you stop using the device immediately.  Here’s a copy of the e-mail merchants received regarding the recall.
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