A Quick Overview of DIY e-liquid

One of the major reasons why vaping has gained so much popularity is the incredible variety of flavors available. People love trying new e-liquids, and there are constantly new and exciting options to try. Of course, like any hobby, vaping can get expensive if you are constantly buying new juices. That is why many savvy vapers have decided to start making their own e-liquids at home! It’s surprisingly easy, reduces vaping costs, and it’s a whole lot of fun!

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Online DIY Ejuice Mixing Calculator

Is making your own e-juice like roll-your-own electronic cigarettes?
Image: renjith krishnan

As I begin delving into the wonderful world of do it yourself (DIY) eLiquid mixing for my electronic cigarettes, something became pretty clear to me very quickly.  DIY mixing is all about the ratios.  If you are someone who sucks at math like me, it’s pretty important to have some sort of calculator handy to figure this stuff out for you.  There’s actually quite a few entries in this field, and I don’t want to say that the one I’m writing about here is necessarily better or worse than any other, it’s simply the one that works for me.  

E-Juice calculators come available for a variety of platforms including the popular PC program eJuice Me Up  fancy spreadsheets and even an iPhone app.  The problem for me is that I am a Mac user primarily, so the PC program won’t work, and I wanted something web-based so I could use it regardless of platform.

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Diablo Loco from Totally Wicked – bottle o’ pain

The things I’ll do for a little better throat hit!  My quest begins with a bottle of ejuice I picked up recently, Ruby Relaxer from VaporRenu.  The flavor on this eliquid is fantastic, but it has one major shortcoming: absolutely no throat hit.  VaporRenu actually lets you customize the throat hit on their juices and I selected medium, but there’s nothing there, zero, nada, zip.

Since the flavor is so great I didn’t want to just pitch or give away the juice, so I stashed it away.  While browsing the DIY section on ECF I read a thread about increasing TH in DIY juices.  There are a number of products out there that are supposed to do that, but most don’t really deliver.  One that caught my eye was a product called Diablo Loco from Totally Wicked.

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