eVod by Kanger Review

Kanger has been a busy e-cigarette manufacturer as of late. In addition to their popular “T” line of e-cigarettes, they’ve also recently released the Pro Tank, and the subject of today’s Kanger review, the EVOD e-cigarette starter kit. As the name entails, this is an entire ecig instead of only a cartomizer. Let’s check the kit out and see how the EVOD measures up as a midrange electronic cigarette starter kit.
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eGo-V Kit from Rogue Vaping – a Review

Well, you have to give credit to  Buy an eCig credit for being direct. The store name tells you exactly why you’re there. Update: Buy an eCig is now called Rogue Vaping – SK I have here one of their eGo-V kits, or as they like to call it, the Space Needle kit. This kit pairs an eGo-V variable voltage battery with the ever-popular Vivi Nova tank. I’ll review this eGo-V kit and find out how this pairing stacks up.
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Vision Spinner eGo Variable Voltage Review title

Vision Spinner 400 mAh Review

Variable Voltage eGo e-cigarettes seem to be a hot commodity. I remember the days when I wished somebody would make one. Now it seems every time you turn around, there’s another take on the VV eGo concept.  The Vision Spinner is another entry in this category.  The Spinner has been around for a while now, but Vision just added a small 400 mAh variant to its family of variable voltage eGos. This review will cover the new, compact device as well as the Spinner family in general.
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itaste express review

Innokin iTaste Express Review

Innokin recently released a couple of updates to its unique variable voltage e-cigarette lineup the iTaste. If you’re not familiar with Innokin’s iTaste lineup, it is an interesting variable voltage e-cigarette that packs some interesting features.  Since I covered the iTaste pretty extensively, this review will focus mostly on what has changed.  If you haven’t read my original review, you might want to check that out first.
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mini eGo vs sd keyring title image

eGo Mini vs SD Keyring: Compact Electronic Cigarette Shootout

My recent review of the eGo Mini reminded me of another diminutive electronic cigarette, the SD Keyring. Both offer performance beyond their miniature sizes and are quite handy for a compact and pocketable vaping solution. Sometimes,  you just want something tiny, and simple rather than lugging around an oversized device while out and about.  Both of these devices are good travel companions. The next logical step, of course is to write a comparison of the eGo Mini and the SD Keyring.
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mini eGo e-cigarette title image

SmokTech Mini eGo Review, 350mAh of Cute

For fans of the venerable midrange electronic cigarette, there’s a new mini eGo option available. I admit it, I have a special place in my heart for small e-cigarettes. Not the cigarette shaped ones as much (though they have their place too), but more advanced devices that happen to be very easy to carry around (and sometimes, hide). These mini devices are available at MadVapes.
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volt meter on eGo Twist variable voltage e-cigarette

5 Things to Look For In a Variable Voltage e-Cigarette

choosing variable voltage electronic cigaretteVariable voltage e-cigarettes seem to be the next big thing in the electronic cigarette industry.  What started out as a hobbyist sort of thing, first grew into a handful of boutique vendors manufacturing high-end devices.  Now, it seems like every large factory out there has some sort of take on the variable voltage e-cigarette. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what features matter when choosing a vari-volt ecig, so here’s five features worth considering.
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VV ego battery title image

The Super eGo: Variable Voltage (and a display!)

Variable voltage seems to be where it’s at in the e-cigarette world these days.  Manufacturers are coming out with more vari-volt designs than anyone can hope to keep track of.  The latest frontier is the eGo-style electronic cigarettes.  The latest entry ups the game by providing features like a display seldom seen in the mid-range devices.  Read the rest of this review to see if the variable volt eGo is the next big thing.
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