V2 Cigs EX Quick Review

Ok, so I kind of gush a little about V2 Cigs, at least as far as traditional e-cigarettes go. I think they just have a certain level of quality and performance that make them a great choice for those that prefer traditional style e-cigarettes.  V2 has come out with a new, fancy and slightly higher tech, though still traditional product, the V2 Cigs EX battery.  Here’s a quick review of the product to see what it can add to a traditional e-cigarette starter kit.
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Quick eCig Review: 180 Smoke Optimal Kit

The new year is upon us, and perhaps you’ve resolved to quit smoking and switch to the electronic cigarette.  If you have, good for you.  Just in time for the new year, I have in my hands the Optimal kit from 180 Smoke.  This is a pretty straight forward ecig setup.  So I’m going to run through a quick review of the 180 Smoke Optimal e-cigarette kit to see if it’s… optimal.
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SoundVape Review

SoundVape is a new entry into the e-cigarette market, launching their website only recently. The company specializes in traditional-style e-cigarettes (with a more advanced model coming soon). I’ve got my hands on the company’s current lineup of e-cigarettes, so now seems like to do a quick review of SoundVape’s ecig offerings.
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Maya eCigs Review

The folks at Maya e-Cigarettes were kind enough to send over one of their basic starter kits and a selection of cartomizers for review.  While I must confess I wasn’t familiar with Maya, they told me that they’ve been in business for several years now.  I guess I don’t know everyone in the industry… yet.  I digress, let’s take a look at Maya’s offering and see where it stacks up in this review.
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Vapor4Life Large Vapor Zeus and Smileomizers

Vapor4Life recently expanded its Vapor Zeus lineup.  In addition to the original black and cigar styles, there are now both large and small Zeus(es?) available in a rainbow of colors.  V4L sent over one of their large Vapor Zeus models for me to review since I whined that I wished the original were a little fatter. Read the rest of the review to see if the new large Vapor Zeus will shut me up.
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A look at Vapourlites

Vapourlites is a popular e-cigarette brand from the UK. You can tell they’re from the UK because of the U in the word vapour, but I digress.  Vapourlites e-cigarettes can be found both online and in many stores across the country.  The company recently sent me a copy of their disposable and their basic starter kit, so here we have the Vapourlites e-cigarette review.
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BV-TE All-in-one eCig Starter Kit

Every once in a while I come across an e-cigarette that actually makes me say to myself, that seems like a good idea.  The BV-TE from a manufacturer called Bluvaper is one such device.  If you take a really tall CE4 style clearomizer and shove a battery inside it, you wind up with the BV-TE. Essentially, it’s an all-in-one clearomizer and e-cigarette.  It’s either genius or insanity. Find out which one in this BV-TE review.
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SmokeStik Pitbull e-Cigarette Review

SmokeStik is one of the grand old brands of the e-cigarette world. They were one of the first to try and make their kits a little prettier than you’re average cigarette. SmokeStik is also the e-cigarette Catherine Heigel famously puffed on Letterman. While I previously reviewed one of the company’s basic models a while back, I figured I’d give their higher end Pit Bull kit a run around the old block. Let’s see if it’s more bark or bite in this review.
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E-Zip Review – e-Cigarettes in Disguise

The E-Zip e-cigarette looks like a classic Zippo lighter and is handy for getting my nostalgia on. While I don’t miss most things about smoking like the smell, the coughing and so forth, I do miss the accessories. I felt naked without a lighter in my pocket for the longest time. Thanks to the new e-Zip ecig, I can relive the glory days of my misspent youth. I suppose I should review the EZip and not just waxing nostalgic the whole post.
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