Artemas DCT Review

Artemas Locking Cartomizer Tank Review

The Artemas locking cartomizer tank from MadVapes was built to solve a specific problem If you’re a fan of cartomizer tanks, you’ve probably run into problems with the tank unintentionally sliding up the cartomizer. More commonly, sometimes when you try to unscrew the tank from your e-cigarette, the tank just spins but the cartomizer stays stubbornly in place.  That’s what the Artemas aims to fix.
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Smoker’s Halo USB Multi Adapater

The following review of the Smoker’s Halo USB multi adapter from e-Cigarette Direct is a little different from my normal reviews.  For starters, if you’ve read my review of the Smoker’s Angel starter kit, you know they are based in the UK.  This means this review is more for my international friends (though the company will ship to the US).  The second weird part is that despite the way it’s sold, the USB multi adapter isn’t purely an e-cigarette accessory.  Read the rest of the review to find out why.
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