The Clone Wars: What do we Think of Copycats?

Clone wars

There’s no denying that we live in a golden age of personal vaporizers and mechanical mods. The market is full of devices of every kind of size, shape and function.  We’ve come a long way from the simple e-cigarette just a few short years ago.

stingray x clone review title imageIn no small part, we can thank the incredibly creative small businesses and individuals who have raised the bar with innovative designs.  However, the massive availability and affordable prices can be traced to overseas manufacturers shamelessly copying these devices and selling them at a fraction of the price of the genuine article.

Along with this choice on the market comes one of the great schisms in the vaping community.  There seems to be camps who believe that the so-called clones are harming the innovators in the industry. The other camp tends to believe that makers of the high-end devices charge too much for their products.  The most commonly duplicated devices are mechanical mods.  All mechanical mods essentially are a method to connect a battery as directly to an RBA as possible.  So why should a dead simple device cost so much?

To be perfectly honest, I can see both sides of the argument.  I also think many people on one side of the fence or the other tend to over simplify the situation.  There’s a lot of moving parts there that are often overlooked in some of the heated arguments.

heimdall clone review 705

Obviously, I have, in the past reviewed clone devices.  Many of which are flat-out copies of originals all the way down to logos and certificates of authenticity. I’m personally bugged by versions that ape the logo and include a fake serial number.  That’s quite honestly uncalled for.

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maraxus clone review smallest settingI do, however, think that there is a place in the community for a discussion, and I don’t believe simply refusing to review them would solve anything. It’s a personal choice.  I get why some folks choose to not give press to these devices.  I’ve honestly struggled with the question personally myself.

Some folks have even gone so far to tell me that they would stop paying visits to this site if I continued to cover these devices.  I completely respect that.  I’ve made my choices, they’ve made theirs.  I of course regret I couldn’t do something that would make everyone happy, but you rarely can. I don’t think any less of anyone who makes a stand for his or her beliefs.

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I’ve stated my views on the clones several times in some of the reviews I’ve done previously, so I don’t intend to make this post a rehash of such things.

No, what I’m interested in hearing is what you think about this whole topic.  Specifically, you as readers of this site.  I’ve seen all the arguments and fights in the forums, so I’m not interested in starting any of those.  I want to know what you as readers think on the topic.

The comment system below is awaiting your response. Pick your favorite platform and let your feelings be known!

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