Coil Master DIY Kit [Review]

Building your own coils to customize your vaping experience can be fun and challenging.  It can also require a decent amount of gear.  Coil Master has come up with an all-in-one kit to give you everything you need for building custom coils all in one case.

Disclosure.  I received this product from Coilmaster for review purposes. 

Coil Master hooked me up with an example of their DIY V2 kit recently and I’ve been playing with it for a while.  In all honesty I’ve been using it for stuff other than building coils too.  It’s a handy little tool kit with a bunch of useful tools.

What’s included

The kit packs an impressive assortment of tool goodness.  In the nifty neoprene zipper case you’ll get:

  • 3 sheets of organic Japanese cotton
  • 10 ft Kanathal wire (24 gauge)
  • Coil master coiling kit
  • Folding scissors
  • Silicone battery case
  • Angle tweezers
  • Insulated tweezers
  • Phillips head precision screwdriver
  • Flat head precision screwdriver
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Angled wire cutters
  • Resistance and voltage meter (510 threaded)

Granted most builders will probably have at least most of this stuff already.  But, if you’re new to this, or want a dedicated set of tools for coil building you’d do worse than this kit.

Each tool has a snug little cubby in the foam inside the case.  I’m a notorious misplacer of tools, so this setup actually helped quite a bit.  I could see a missing tool and go put it back before I lost it.

The tools are well built and sturdy, so there’s no complaints there.  The addition of the coiling tool is very nice. I’ve not been the best coil builder in the world if I’m being honest, so having this included is pretty awesome.

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The one part of the kit I’m not overjoyed with is the voltage/resistance meter.  It runs off standard AA batteries, which is convenient, but I’d rather have had a USB rechargable version.  In addition, I found that the threads were a bit shallow for some of my gear to fit on the tester.  I’d love to see an improved model included with version 3 of this kit.

If I wished for one additional thing in this kit, it would be some kind of magnifying glass.  But, then again I’m kind of old, so not everyone would need one of those.

Despite the shortfalls I mentioned with the ohm meter, if you like your stuff in neat little bundles, the V2 DIY kit from Coil Master is a good bet that comes with just about every tool you’d need.

You can pick one up from Coil Master’s site.

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