Cool Fire I Review, A Far More Sensible Device, But Is It Too Simple?

Innokin has been working overtime cranking out new devices. The Cool Fire 1 came out alongside the Cool Fire 2 despite there being not much resemblance between the two. The Cool Fire II looks like a grenade while the I has a more conventional experience.  Innokin’s Cool Fire I also lacks variable wattage. Is it still a device worth taking a look at? Why not check out this Cool Fire I review and find out.

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Cool Fire 1 Packaging Product name Innokin Cool Fire I
Available from  eSmoker Online
Price  $47.99
Battery Size 18350
Who’s it for? People looking for a simple device with a great build quality and a small size

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Innokin Cool Fire I Design

Other than the fact it uses small 18350 batteries, the Cool Fire 1 seems to have more in common with the SVD than the Cool Fire 2, at least from outward appearances. Where the 2 looks like a grenade, the version 1 has the simple appearance of a basic-style tube APV.

Cool Fire 1 wide imageThe outward appearance of the Cool Fire I is fairly minimalist. An etched logo can be found on the device, but not much else as far as decoration, unlike most other Innokin devices.  There are of course a couple lines on the body for styling as well as the fairly typical dimples on the beauty ring that covers the eGo connection atop the device.

Naturally, the device’s fire button is also located on the body. It’s housed within a raised bezel and features Innokin’s standard e-color battery level indicator LED light. There’s also a 3-click off/on feature for easily turning off the device.

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At the bottom of the Cool Fire is the battery cap, which is fairly sizable.  It’s not wider than the body but it is somewhat long, holding part of the battery with the rest of the battery held in the body tube itself. The battery cap section also features some nice details with relief and notches in the part.

This entry in the Cool Fire family is indeed compact.  Perhaps not a stealth device exactly (especially with a large tank attached) but the vaporizer itself comfortably fits in the palm of my hand.

Carrying on the Innokin tradition of top-notch materials and excellent engineering, the CF1 is reasonably light weight because of its size.  That’s not to say it’s light, there’s still a little heft to it because of the steel construction. As I’ve come to expect from this company, the CF is absolutely a solid device.

Using the Innokin Cool Fire I

Did you happen to notice what I didn’t mention when describing the hardware itself? If you said a wattage dial or adjustment of any kind, you would be correct.  This is a one-speed vaping machine.  It’s regulated at a constant 8.5 watt output.

innokin cool fire 1 tall imageThat is an interesting concept in itself.  Most regulated devices are regulated via voltage.  This is, as far as I know, the first one that holds a constant wattage. Technically it means it does vary the voltage based on the resistance of what’s attached. It’s just that you as the user can’t change the setting.

I’m not quite sure how they arrived at 8.5 watts, but it seems like a good spot to have it where it’s not too weak, nor too strong.  Almost any clearomizer or tank will work fairly well without getting overtaxed.

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Innokin’s little tube ships with the new iClear 30B clearomizer tank.  It’s the company’s first bottom coil iClear unit. Like all iClears it features replaceable heads and provides a fairly consistent experience. I’ve been using the B models for a while, and I haven’t had any leaking issues.

Filling the bottom-loading iClear is as easy as filling any other bottom coil tank.  Just avoid the air hole when filling and you’re golden.  I’ve actually filled these guys with big 240ml bottles equipped with what is sort of like a mustard bottle top without any problem.

As you might imagine, the 30B pairs very well with the Cool Fire I.  I can push the iClears much higher than 8.5 watts on other devices, but in general, those tanks work pretty well.  Flavor reproduction is fantastic and the vapor is respectable.

On the Cool Fire, the vapor is a little… cooler than on higher wattage devices, but it certainly is respectable.

If you want something a little more sophisticated than a fixed voltage device, this new entry by Innokin is a pretty decent choice. Check out eSmoker Online to pick one of these up for yourself.

Cool Fire 1 TLDR

Too Long; Didn’t Read

Innokin’s new Cool Fire I lacks the zany outward appearance of the Cool Fire II, opting instead for a more traditional look. The device also lacks user-adjustable wattage, settling for a constant 8.5 watt output. While I would have loved to see Innokin’s wattage dial make an appearance, living at 8.5 watts isn’t necessarily a showstopper. The device performs pretty well, especially with the included iClear 30B bottom coil tank.

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  • Compact
  • Solid build
  • Respectable performance
  • Includes an iClear 30B


  • No adjustable wattage
  • 18350 batteries offer limited run time

Disclosure: I received this item for review from Innokin. This review features affiliate links.


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