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Deal of the Moment: Apollo Sale and New Products

apollo electronic cigarettes coupon codeApollo Electronic Cigarettes put out a news letter announcing new products: A nice eGo kit that uses CE4 clearomizers and the variable voltage pass through eGo battery. Both are interesting products, but even better is a substantial sale on some popular items, like 35% off V-Tubes (Lavatubes, see my review here) and 30% off Elips kits. Just use code VTube35 for the VTube and Elips30 for the Elips when you check out at Apollo. Click here to start shopping.

Also, if you haven’t yet taken advantage, the company’s free disposable giveaway is still going on.  See my post for details.

Steve K

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  • I have the Apollo eGo-VV Battery and am very pleased with it. The fire button is a PITA but being able to vape while charging and no end cap to lose makes up for it IMO. Surprisingly it has a 2.75amp limit which allow it to use just about any carto available including my 1.5ohm DC Clearo on a fully charged battery.

    As it turns out the ClearMax from MVs only has a 3.13amp limit with a fully charged AW IMR battery. Bit of a disappointment, apparently there just isn't the ability to commercially build a true 4amp APV.


    • Doesn't the ZMAX need an extender cap to run in stacked mode? I wonder if the clearmax could use that if it would have a little higher amperage.

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