Deal of the Moment – Apollo Sweetens The eCig Giveaway

I previously mentioned the folks over at Apollo Electronic Cigarettes were running a huge promotion in which they were giving away a free disposable e-cigarette. There were a couple of conditions, first regular shipping charges applied and you had to Tweet or share the deal to get in on the action.

Apollo just announced they got rid of the sharing requirement.  Even better is now they’re shipping for just 1 cent.  The company uses credit card billing for age verification purposes, so the penny charge is there to make sure nobody under age gets in on the freebie.

If you previously read my article on avoiding free e-cig scams, this would be one of the examples of a company legitimately giving away stuff as part of a promotion.

To skip the sharing step, follow these directions.

Not ready to share? No problem. Go to the Apollo Disposable page, add a disposable with the flavor and strength of your choice to the shopping cart, and use coupon code ‘freeecig’ at checkout page to discount the price to ZERO. You just need to pay 1 cent – YES ONLY ONE CENT – for age verification purpose within USA. There is no hidden cost or recurring charges! 

If you haven’t snagged your freebie yet, check it out on Apollo’s site.

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