Deal of the Moment: MadVapes 10% Coupon Code

The good folks over at MadVapes have been busy lately! Not only have they rolled out a huge amount of new products (like the anodized Bolt ecig) and discounted most of their tank cartomizers, but now they’ve sweetened the pot with a 10% off discount. Which, I might add, they did two days after I put a big order in myself!  Anyway, for those of you who didn’t make the same mistake I did, head over to MadVapes and use discount code LOVETOVAPE to save 10% on your entire order.

Steve K

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  • MV has an interesting knockoff of the ZMax at an interesting price, $72 delivered if my math is any good.

    Another interesting entry into the high amp market is this VZ PRO Mod with VMax 5amp specs but a body reminiscent of that horror, the Vision Tox, again at a reasonable price if it's not a rerun of the Tox drama.


    • Add 3 dollars more to that 72 and you get free shipping. They do free shipping for orders over $75 now, so maybe pick up one of those tanks or something too :)

      • The price is tempting but I find myself drawn toward the VZ Pro Mod at Vaping Zone though I'm not to wild about their warrant on something new like that.

        What's your take on the VZ Pro, is it a new version of the Tox?


        • Not familiar with it, though based on the menu options and features, it seems like a VMAX in a different body or something

          • Decided to go with the MV unit with a 90 day warranty, VZ is two weeks from date of shipment, too risky for an unknown.


            • Cool, you'll have to let me know what you think of it.

            • Make you a deal, I'll post a decent review about volts and watts and amps if you'll move that banner ad to the other side of the screen so I can see what you've written on the left half of the screen when I log in. :)


            • I didn't realize it spilled over into the content on smaller screens. It's just a test I'm running. I slid it over to the other side, that was a pretty good idea so it won't block the content on smaller screens. I'm still working on figuring out the floating block thing.

            • I have a 24" monitor but I don't run my windows full screen, usually have two side by side. If I ran full screen it wouldn't have been a problem but as it was it was covering nearly half of your text window. Just fine now. :)

              The ClearMax is looking better all the time, has a good thick tube with plenty of vent holes right at the top of the battery.


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