Texas Tuff Tank on Lavatube 2

Deal of the Moment: VapeDudes Offers Lower Price Tuff Tank Option

Texas Tuff Tank on Lavatube 2VapeDudes announced a change to their pricing for their very cool Texas Tuff Tanks (see my review here). Previously the tanks came with 10ml of e-liquid. The Dudes have now made the e-liquid optional, lowering the price to just $7.95 for the Tuff Pro 3. If you liked the juice option, you can add it on for an additional $5 for 10ml or $12 for 30ml.  The tanks also include a pre-punched Boge cartomizer in your choice of resistances. There’s no coupon code necessary as this is a permanent price change. Click here to visit the Tuff Tank section at VapeDudes.

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