Diablo ePipe: the Devilish Review

The Diablo ePipe from MadVapes is an interesting device. From the name, you’ve probably figured out it’s a pipe-style e-cigarette device. I know this, because you read this site, and that makes you smart.  It uses a removable battery, yet it has an automatic switch. Unlike a lot of the custom e-pipes on the market, this one is made of acrylic. It’s also considerably less expensive than many of the other custom models. So, maybe now is a good time to do a Diablo ePipe review.

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Product Name Diablo ePipe
Available From MadVapes
Price $59.99
Threading 510
Battery 18490

Diablo ePipe Design

Let me preface this by saying I’m by no means a pipe aficionado. I used to have a pipe, but it was some cheap pipe a friend gave me, so if you think I’ll say pipe things, I probably won’t.

Diablo epipe review batteryAnyhow, the Diablo seems more of an abstract interpretation of a pipe than an exact replica. To me, at least, the silhouette of the ePipe is a little off because the bottom extends further than most pipes I’ve used. There’s also the fact that it’s made of acrylic instead of wood, and, in my case it has a red, white and blue tie-dye finish.

That’s not to say the design is necessarily bad, it’s just not 100% authentic.  In fact, the extra length on the bottom makes this thing an absolute joy to hold.

It’s just plain fun to cradle the pipe in your hand and use the stem to point at things when you talk.  I sort of feel like Hugh Hefner, I just need some silk pajamas and a smoking jacket.  Oh, and playmates. And a mansion. And…

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Where was I?  Oh yes, the Diablo just feels natural to hold.  The automatic switch also means you simply take a puff, which helps with the pipe feeling of the thing.

The bowl of the pipe features a black ash cap which lights up red while puffing.  Something I’m generally against, but for some reason, I like it this time. According to the product description, it’s supposed to light up blue when a battery is inserted or is low, but mine only lights up red for some reason.

The Diablo features a flush-mount 510 connection. A variety of cartomizers and some tanks fit, but anything eGo specific probably won’t work out. There’s always adapters if you want to give it a try.

The diameter of the stem portion of the pipe where the battery connection is mounted is wide enough for tanks to fit and not look silly. Although I prefer slim tanks, for some reason full-sized ones make the pipe look stubby.  Adding a long drip tip helps complete the look as well.

Using the Diablo ePipe

Other than running around the house pretending to be Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. (no I’m not that old, I cheated) you can actually vape with the Diablo ePipe.

Diablo epipe review aloneAs I already mentioned, ok gushed, the Diablo is very comfortable to hold. The automatic switch makes it easy to vape, but there are some drawbacks with the design. I found that some cartomizers like the slim version of the Vivi Nova didn’t work as well.

It seems that if there’s a gap between the cartomizer and the body of the pipe, the auto switch just isn’t responsive enough. You have to take a fairly firm puff to get the switch to activate properly. I had the best results using the slim Artemas tank. The retainer ring on that tank, which causes issues on some devices, works wonders with the e-pipe because the tank sits flush against the connector.

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Using an adapter might work if it cuts down the airflow, but only if it’s the type that has an airway in the center. Otherwise, it won’t work at all.

If you can get the airflow issue under control, the Diablo works great.  Since it uses a fairly large-ish battery, it will last a good while, and performance is on par with any other unregulated big-battery device.

Sadly, there’s no variable voltage option on this, and the size and plastic construction most likely rules out using a Kick. Then again, I don’t necessarily think that’s quite the point of this device. There are certainly plenty of advanced devices on the market near this price point.

No, there’s just a different use case for the Diablo. I can’t put my finger on it, but it’s just a fun device to have around.

Too Long; Didn’t Read

The Diablo ePipe is an acrylic big-battery electronic pipe made in-house by MadVapes. The device uses an 18490 battery, features an automatic switch and a 510 connection. Holding the Diablo is a joy as there’s just something familiar about it. The auto switch can be a little picky and the lack of advanced features may make this a device that is used occasionally for fun, and not a primary all-day vape kind of thing. If you want to vape with a little style, visit MadVapes and pick up your own Diablo.


Fun to use
Sturdy contsruction
Uses 510 cartomizers
Inexpensive compared to other ePipes
Good performance and battery life


Poor auto switch performance with some cartomizers
Not exactly a pipe replica
A little on the large side (mini versions will be available soon)
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  • sounds good, except for the colors, and the ash thing, and the autofire thing… i'd prefer all black, and an activate button in place of the ash junk. that holding method already begs for the thumb to activate something. close, but no cigar, or pipe.

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