Diablo Loco from Totally Wicked – bottle o’ pain

The things I’ll do for a little better throat hit!  My quest begins with a bottle of ejuice I picked up recently, Ruby Relaxer from VaporRenu.  The flavor on this eliquid is fantastic, but it has one major shortcoming: absolutely no throat hit.  VaporRenu actually lets you customize the throat hit on their juices and I selected medium, but there’s nothing there, zero, nada, zip.

Since the flavor is so great I didn’t want to just pitch or give away the juice, so I stashed it away.  While browsing the DIY section on ECF I read a thread about increasing TH in DIY juices.  There are a number of products out there that are supposed to do that, but most don’t really deliver.  One that caught my eye was a product called Diablo Loco from Totally Wicked.

Diablo Loco is an extract of the hottest pepper in the world.  I’ll let the vendor’s description speak for itself:

Pain in a bottle! This is an insanely hot (the concentrate measures approx. 500,000 SHU on the Scoville Heat Scale – that’s 1-200x hotter than tabasco sauce!) juice condiment, made using Naga jolokia chillis – officially the hottest in the world – and designed for spicing up other juices. If a single drop is too hot for you, dilute it to 1-10% with PG, VG or PEG-400 to make a stock solution, and use that. Unless you’re the kind of person who thinks a good night out isn’t complete without being “maced” with police pepper spray at some point in the evening, you really do not want to even contemplate mixing this up the same strength as a normal flavoured juice – you have been warned!

From the comments I’ve read about it, the product is flavorless and just adds heat, and a lot of it! The flavoring is a tad on the expensive side at $7.99, but it does come in a 10ml bottle which should last until the next ice age (and then you could use it to thaw things out!).  TW has frequent running discounts, so I ordered a bottle at 35% off.

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When my bottle arrived, I expected it to arrive in some sort of radioactive concrete box, inside of which would be a bottle adorned with skulls and the tears of the widows created by the juice.  But alas, no, it came in your standard 10ml dripper bottle.

Nary a wailing soul noreven a picture of a skull

Despite the bottle not looking as ominous as I had imagined, I immediately set to work to unleash unholy fiery torment upon my meek test juice.  I began by placing a solitary drop with my shaking hand into an empty 5ml bottle.   So far so good, I didn’t splash myself and the bottle didn’t melt.  Next, I added 5ml of the Ruby Relaxer to the bottle to arrive at the roughly 2% concentration (based on 20 drops per ml).

Excited to experience this juice with a solid throat feel, I dripped some into a 510 atomizer and took a tentative vape.  I can say without a shadow of a doubt, this stuff adds throat hit.  And pain, lots of pain.  After the initial coughing jag wore off, I decided that not only was the throat hit way too strong, but the additive also did introduce a spicy mouth feel that overpowered the flavor of the juice.
Next, I added an additional 5ml of the base juice to halve the strength of the hit.  The effect was lessened, but still far too intense for a normal human being.  In a final ditch effort, I dumped the test mix back into the original VaporRenu 30ml bottle which resulted in roughly 20ml to 1 drop of Diablo Loco.
At this ratio, I no longer felt like I was going to die from vaping.  But, that little bit of spice was still present and detrimental to the overall flavor.  The throat hit was reduced to a more manageable feeling of smoking about 4 unfiltered Lucky Strikes at the same time.
At this point, I ran out of donor juice to experiment with.  I might revisit that and toss in 5ml of vegetable glycerin to the mix to see if that helps.
I started to dabble in DIY juice making, so as a result I have a few attempts that could benefit from some added TH.  This time I have a battle plan: mix 1 drop of Diablo Loco with 5ml PG or VG then add that mixture one drop at a time to 5ml of juice until I have everything where I want it.  Some of the more observent readers may point out that’s sort of what the directions say in the first place :)
Diablo Loco definitely brings TH to the party, I’m just not sure if I’ll be able to get rid of the mouth spice  which has the tendency to overpower delicate juice flavors.  More experimentation is in order for sure.  If anything, I have a decent war story under my belt to share.
It’s also worth noting that Totally Wicked also carries a flavoring called Diablo Poco which packs about 1/10 the SHU rating, which may make it a good choice for people more sensible than myself.

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