Direct from Asia Find – KWX10 Mini Protank II Clone Review

Sometimes I like to switch things up around here. I received this clone of the popular mini ProTank from Focal eCig and I decided it might be fun to take a look at what you get when you order stuff from one of the merchants that provides merchandise directly from factories in Asia.  So, without further delay, here’s my review of the KWX10 Protank II clone.

protank 2 clone review

I used the normal ordering and shipping process to get my Kanger clone. Naturally, shopping was pretty straight forward, but it’s the shipping that can be a little more challenging.  Standard shipping is free from Focal like it is from many similar stores.  The problem is that standard shipping is via the Chinese postal system.  You can get some great deals from these sites, but only if you are patient.

After about five weeks, my tank finally arrived in the mail.

Anyway, I know you’re here to read about this inexpensive clone and not my adventures in waiting by the mailbox.  I’m  happy to report the overall build quality of this tank is quite good.

kwx10 review partsThe tank features pyrex glass and steel construction.  Unlike my mini Protank 2, this one has a removable drip tip (also steel). Like the Kanger, the KWX bolts together rather than relying on glued components.

A center tube is threaded on both ends to which the top and bottom portions bolt together holding the Pyrex glass tube between them.  Where things go a little different is the bottom section.  Instead of a little bridge kind of piece used to attach the center stem, there’s a disk with a series of small holes running around it.

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The e-liquid flows through the disk and into the replaceable head (nearly identical to the Kangers). A simple enough concept that pretty much torpedoes the entire tank.

First, filling is unnecessarily complicated. If you’re very patient, you could in theory fill the tank like any other bottom coil tank.  But, the disk and holes design means liquid very slowly flows through the holes into the tank.  The placement of the center stem guarantees you’ll get e-liquid down there if you drip liquid onto the disk.  You’re going to want a bottle with a needle tip or a syringe for this operation.

Second, the performance hurts because of the disk.  Ok, so maybe it’s not the disk, but it’s the only thing I have to go with.  Specifically, this tank doesn’t wick well, so I’m kind of misrepresenting the issue here.

Vapor production is pretty good from this clone when it gets enough e-liquid. But it seemed like more often than not the wick was having some issues getting properly hydrated.  Popping open the head, there was one flavor wick which I removed and it helped a great deal. But, if you use thinner e-liquid, you might experience some leaks by removing the extra wick.

It actually reminded me a lot of the original ProTank.  When it worked it was pretty nice, but it certainly didn’t work consistently.

The tank is pretty inexpensive, so it might be fun to experiment with if you added it to an order with other stuff.  Otherwise, a more mainstream glass tank choice might be a better option for you.

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Disclosure: Focal eCig sent me this product for review purposes.

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