Direct From Asia Find – X6 and Looooong Nova

As I write this review, the Chinese New Year holiday is coming to an end, so I decided why not take another look at an interesting product from another direct from Asia merchant, E5Cigs.  The official name of this device is the X6 with T8 Dual Long Wick Atomizer.  After seeing this photo, I think you’ll see why I chose the title I did.  Join me for a quick review of the X6 and T8 when you’re done.

Really long nova

Ok, what else can I say, that tank is enormous.  8ml of e-liquid capacity enormous to be exact.  Essentially, you stack two Vivi Novas on top of each other and you get the X8.

x6 case autobot logoIn fact, if you look at the X8 it actually says Vivi Nova on the tank.  Branding consistency doesn’t seem to be a huge priority with this product.  Did I mention the case for this kit has a Transformers logo on it?

Going back to the clearomizer for just a moment, it seems to use a standard Vivi Nova head as well. The exception is it has two fat wicks that run the length of the tube.  One of the wicks runs through the coil as you’d expect. The second wick, however, just sits on top of the coil.

I’m going to break the format of my typical reviews and talk about the performance of the T8.

Horrid.  At no point could I get this thing to wick properly.  Every time I tried it I would get a dry burn.  I even tried removing the secondary wick and unwinding the main wick a little.  Nothing seemed to help.

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While I love the huge carrying capacity of this tank, it’s not very useful if you can’t get a decent vaping experience from it.

Ok, so what about the battery?  Let’s see if the rather interesting looking battery might salvage this kit after all.

x6 batteryLooking at this battery in a picture, it almost looks like it has a removable battery.  Alas, that is not the case.  You might have also noticed the kit includes an eGo charger.  The lines and knurled midsection of the battery are strictly there for show, it doesn’t come apart at all.

There’s also no removable battery connector cover. The battery connector is eGo threaded, but the fixed cover means there’s not a whole lot of eGo threaded gear that will fit correctly.

In fact, I found that some of my regular tanks would bottom out before making a complete battery connection. This makes for a fairly limited number of clearomizers that can be used with the battery.

Moving past the limitations of the physical design, the battery does have 1300 mAh of capacity so it should last most folks quite a while.  The body is also built of aluminum making the battery very light for its size.

The button is a soft rubber affair backlit with a multi-color LED.  Those colors are part of the one interesting feature of the battery – you can select one of three voltage settings by pressing the button 5 times.  The lowest setting gives you a red light and 3.6V, purple is 3.8V and finally it tops out at 4.2v with a blue light.

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It’s a nice feature to have, though I think the other limitations sort of limit the benefit of the voltage selection. This kit looked like it had a great potential to be really cool, but unfortunately, the implementation of the concept has fallen a little bit flat.

I will say I do like the case despite the goofy logos on the outside.

x6 kit case

If you want to check out options and price, or see some other really interesting offerings, why not pay a visit?


Disclosure: This item was provided by e5cigs for review purposes.

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