DIY, FDA and the Zombie Apocalypse

The following is the first post from Brian, our newest contributing writer. Please welcome him to the SKVW family. As always, opinions expressed within are solely the authors.

Brains! Brian

zombie1I would like to introduce myself to Steve K’s readers, My name is Brian and I have been vaping exclusively for 2 and a half years. I became familiar with Steve’s site about a year ago when I was waiting for the Apollo SS Vtube to finally be realized. I have been creating my own juice for about 8 months now and enjoy sharing about vaping and juice making.

When I saw that Steve was looking for juice reviewers I became excited at the prospect of being able to be able to plug into another outlet of the vaping world. I by no means consider myself an expert on DIY, and am certainly not a professional writer, but wanted to share some of what I have learned in this journey into vaping. Some of this I have learned from fellow vapers in various forums and some by trial and error.

I look forward to, assuming Steve and you the reader feel this is worthwhile to continue, doing some juice reviews, talking about DIY and just sharing about this thing we call vaping.

While thinking about what I would like to do here, I knew I didn’t want this to be a step by step how to series, although that will be part of it. I want it to be entertaining and informative. Most of all I would like there to be give and take. I don’t want to come in and tell you how to; I want it to be more of a discussion with your feedback being very important to me. I am here to learn and share as well as teach new vapers and those new to DIY juice some of what I have found helpful.

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You may be wondering what the FDA and the Zombie Apocalypse have to do with making your own juice.

I am a manager in “real life”, and one thing I believe is that if you know the why behind something, it makes the how so much easier. If I tell someone just to do something it doesn’t have the impact it does if I explain to them why what they are doing is important and how it affects the operation as a whole. This is true in all areas of life.

I began making my own juice as a challenge to myself, I started to see how much I could save over buying juice from vendors. I can tell you that in the long run the savings can be substantial. This is of course if you avoid what I call NBB Syndrome, or Newest, Biggest, Best. Like with APVs you can go wild chasing something better or newer or just different and spend like a drunken sailor but once you settle in and learn your flavor profile, the savings will add up.

As I delved deeper into vaping forums and blogs like Steve’s, I began to learn more about the history of vaping and the legal battles with the FDA. In April the FDA is prepared to propose deeming regulation.

I am not a lawyer and have not stayed at a Holiday Inn Express, but my understanding is that the FDA will “deem” e-cigarettes to fall into the category of tobacco and therefore be subject to regulations of their choice. What this will look like as it becomes a reality, no one knows for sure. One remote possibility is outlawing e-cigarettes but it will most likely restrict juice and devices and most assuredly heavily tax e-cigs and related purchases.

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Suddenly the desire to save money gave way to the desire to be able to continue vaping if/when the hammer falls. There are a few things I urge everyone to do:

  • Join CASAA and see how you can help
  • Sign the petition
  • Write your elected officials and let them know how vaping has helped you

Our ultimate goal should be to keep vaping as a viable alternative for those wanting to quit smoking, but Through DIY we can begin our doomsday prepping so when those zombies come calling we will vape strong.

Please feel free to leave a comment below , I would love to hear any questions, comments or sarcastic remarks.


  • johnnyyuma1958

    (02/12/13 - 11:01 pm)

    Welcome Brian. I love DIY juicing. Been at it about 2 months now. I'm looking forward to reading what you have to say.

  • Thanks johnnyyuma, and thanks to Steve K for allowing me to do this. I hope you find some of this useful and enjoy reading it half as much as I am enjoying the writing.

  • Enjoyed the intro & am looking forward to future writings!

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