Dovopo E-LVT makes a splash: a Review

If ever there were an advanced personal vaporizer for the rugged adventurer, the Dovopo E-LVT wants very hard to fit that bill.  This device features a rugged design, water resistance variable voltage and a flashlight.  The only thing missing is the compass in the stock.  While I’m not exactly outdoorsy I put the LVT through its paces in this review.

e-lvt review underwater
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Dovopo E-LVT Review

As my clever intro mentioned, the E-LVT is a boxy, ruggedized advanced personal vaporizer.  The boxy device features variable voltage and wattage (up to 15 watts), boasts a steel case with a rubber surround a full eGo connector and a built-in flash light on the bottom.

dovopo e-lvt e-cigarette apv review 1The LVT can also pull duty as an emergency power supply in a pinch as it has a full-size USB port designed specifically for that purpose. Dovopo’s heavy-duty APV even comes with a nifty multi-connector USB adapter that lets you charge devices with micro USB, mini USB, Apple 30 pin, and even Apple’s newer lightning cable standard.

Hidden under a rubber flap on the side of the device is where you’ll find both the USB output as well as a micro USB port for power in. Even though this device uses a standard removable 18650 battery, it can be charged via USB.  The fact the battery can be replaced when it reaches the end of its charge cycle gives it a leg up over similar devices like the trusty Innokin MVP.

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Replacing the battery is done by unscrewing the battery cover with the included hex wrench.  You could just charge your batteries on a regular external charter and swap them, but the screw-on cover makes that a bit of a chore.

Also under the rubber flap is a little switch to turn off the USB power out feature if you so desire.  On the other side of the Dovopo box is the display and buttons. The display is mirrored similar to another popular boxy APV. The buttons are rubber, and to be perfectly honest, I found them less than a joy to use.

dovopo e-lvt waterproof e-cigarette apv review 2The fire button worked well enough, but the + and – buttons are tiny and I have to use a finger nail to get enough pressure to activate them.  Using the device as far as cycling through power or voltage mode and especially toggling the button lock feature was an exercise in frustration.

To make matters worse, cycling through everything is less than intuitive. Turning off the lock, which seems to randomly turn itself back on, requires holding down both + and – buttons at the same time for 5 seconds.  The display never mentions that you’ve actually turned the lock off.

The manual is clearly not written by a native English speaker, but the directions are sufficient enough to get you through all the necessary combinations to make stuff happen.  In case you’re curious, hold the – button for 2 seconds and that will toggle the nifty flashlight in the base. The flashlight is a single bright white LED light.

The display itself shows the necessary information such as resistance of the attached tank, power settings and so forth. A three light system shows battery strength going from green to yellow and then red as the battery charge depletes.

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Up top you’ll see the shiny and rather large beauty ring that goes around the full eGo connector.  This ring is actually a great compliment to some of the larger 5ml tanks on the market.  In some cases you might even be able to leave it on with an eGo-style tank attached, the ring is that big.  Otherwise you can remove it for use with eGo style tanks like the Aro tank or CE-5 clearomizers.

Other design elements worth noting is the stylized application of the rubber surround.  It certainly adds to the rugged look of the device.  It also seems to have the impact of letting the device bounce at odd angles when dropped.

dovopo e-lvt review flashlight e-cigarette apv

The other notable thing about the LVT’s design is the sheer weight of the device.  Nothing says strong like heavy things.  The combination of the rubber and the weight certainly lead to the whole strong impression.

In this regard, the E-LVT actually does back up its promises.  I’ve seen some YouTube videos with people driving this thing over with trucks. My own testing was a little more limited. I threw the device down on a concrete floor a few times.  The LVT was no worse for wear despite my abuse.

This APV is also supposed to be waterproof.  I also tested that notion as you probably saw via the title image.  That test didn’t work out so well.  The Dovopo vaporizer pretty much immediately took on water.  By the time I pulled it out of the tank, there was plenty of water in the battery section.

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dovopo e-lvt review waterproof ecig apv wetThis review is actually out a week or two later than I planned because I had to stick the device in a bag of rice for a few days to make sure I got all the water out.  The good news is that the thing’s no worse for the wear.

I think a better description would more be water resistant.  You can probably splash water on the device, or even drop it in a puddle and quickly retrieve it. But, this device is far from being the first SCUBA diving e-cigarette.

It should also go without mentioning that if you are going to do something stupid with your setup, remove the tank first.  The E-LVT might be ruggedized, but your tank likely is not and will break.

In general, I found this device to be stronger than similar products on the market.  The buttons are somewhat frustrating, but it can be over come.  If you are in need of something a little stronger than the average e-cigarette this might be your best bet.

You can pick one up at VaporAlley for $89.99

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