E Cigarette and Passive Vaping: How harmful Is It?

 The following is a guest post by Lindsay. All opinions expressed are those of the author.

passive vaping vs. passive smoking

Passive Smoking

Let’s not even delve into how harmful passive smoking is. Of course we know how passive smoking put others at tremendous health risks, and the guilt every time we get one of those disgusting curled-lips-flared-nostrils look from passersby, like we’re running away from some starved kid’s only morsel of food, is truly unsettling.

The guilt and discomfort is another reason why some smokers turn to e-cigarettes. But how to silence the cynic within us- it’s easier to talk ourselves out of even trying to quit smoking citing puerile excuses.

A smoker buddy of mine and I were having a debate on regular cigarettes v/s e-cigarette. When I spoke of the harms of passive smoking, he immediately interrupted (rather aggressively) and went on to explain how passive vaping is no better than passive smoking. Obviously all his points either highlighted the detrimental health effects of passive smoking instead of vaping or were purely anecdotal evidence. Not just he, but a good amount of people (including non-smokers) are unaware of the effects of passive vaping.

Passive Vaping

Here’s taking a look at how harmful it actually is:

According to a study conducted in 2011 by Siegel and Cohn, it was established that the various ingredients (nicotine, flavoring, propylene glycol) is much safer for both the active and passive smoker, as compared to tobacco cigarettes. The passive smoke from a tobacco cigarette contains as many as 30,000+ amounts of toxic by-products.

Some argue that e-cigarette still does contain nicotine. If you are worried about the nicotine content, you can switch to ones that come sans any nicotine in the first place. However, from the point of view of passive vaping, a number of research studies have revealed that vapor did NOT contain traces of nicotine.

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So, are the remaining compounds in vapor hazardous? Stannous and Sodium fluorides, when consumed in a large dose can lead to intestinal blockage but the same fluorides when mixed in smaller quantities in a regular toothpaste leads to stronger and healthier teeth.

Still not convinced? A recent study by W.H.O. has confirmed that there has been no trace of passive vaping in the bloods of non-vapers. While research is still being done on the effects of e-cigarette and passive vaping, at this particular stage it is safe to say that not only passive vaping does not pose any life-altering threats to passive inhalers, but when compared with passive smoking, vapng is way safer.

E-cigarette is a giant threat to the tobacco industry and once the truth behind this multibillion dollar industry surfaces, a lot of big names will bite the dust. This is precisely why efforts are made, studies with the aim of contorting facts to suit a predetermined decision is being undertaken, and rumors are being spread.

This is the industry that despite being aware of the adverse health implications of smoking had encouraged the maximization of addiction, in order to market tobacco and give the sales figure a boost- as quoted by the former Vice President of R&D in the tobacco industry Dr. Jeffrey Wigand. We rest our case!


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