e-Cigarette Armageddon – What Will it Look Like? What YOU had to say!


e-Cigarettes were taken through the wringer in 2013 with heavy attacks against the potentially life-saving devices coming in from all sides. Naturally, I spend my fair share of time ranting about such things with my frequent e-cigarette news posts.

Sometimes I get tired of hearing my own voice. Instead I decided the first post of 2014 should feature more voices.

I put forward the following question to fellow e-cigarette bloggers, merchants and regular users via my newsletter:  What do you see happening should the EU and the FDA put in place restrictions that would jeopardize the way you use e-cigarettes today? What does your e-cigarette zombie apocalypse look like?

If you missed the chance to respond to the call, fear not.  This can be a living post, just add your own take into the comments below!

Here’s what you had to say.

An anonymous reader took a pragmatic approach:

I do my vaping in a bathroom at work and feel lucky because I’m not outside where its cold, smoking.  We are allowed bathroom breaks.  (where I can relax)

Mandi poses some interesting questions:

I am stocking up on my e-cigs and e-liquid just in case there is a ban, but HOW WOULD THAT BE POLICED? How could anyone stop me vaping in my own home,my own car?
Tobacco companies are, I’m sure, scared to death by e-cigs. And Governments scared of losing the revenue from tobacco tax. I am 70, and I believe e-cigs are helping to save my life.

Greg sees options becoming limited for many:

If the FDA regulations become fact, the choices of ejuice and mods will be severely curtailed! Without prior testing and approval from the FDA, nothing new can come to market.  Add to that a hefty user tax and the costs will be prohibitive for many.

Kezygirl as always sees the silver lining:

Black market, sneaky deals for awesome mods and great homemade liquids.

Michele sees how a ham-fisted attempt to help people could backfire:

Some people depend very heavily on our government to keep us safe.  The reality of the idea of personal safety may or may not be true.  Most of us already know this.  If  the current governing body decides to ban e-cigarettes there will be many who will comply and either quit smoking all together or resort to other means to satisfy their nicotine dependence.
The “other means” part is what scares me.

I have a pretty good idea of how to make my own e-juice, and I am sure many others do also.  How and where we would obtain the ingredients is not the hard part.  Nicotine in its pure form is scary and I don’t want to have to rely on sub-standard ingredients to achieve my fix.  I like knowing that I can purchase quality e-juice from professional sources without having to worry about overdosing myself.  Also I want to purchase my e-juice from American vendors that have committed to making e-cigarettes and vaping a safe affordable option for those of us who want to quit analogs.  With the current political crisis and the push to make health care affordable to all, I would think the insurance providers would be pushing a healthier alternative to analog cigarettes.

GolfKahn sees an ecig underworld in our future:

Banning and/or severely limiting access to E-Cig mods and juice via gov’t regulation will simply send a huge amount of vapers and vape suppliers underground.  What was the history and lessons learn from Prohibition?

At this point, you are NOT going to stop ex-smokers from Vaping. Pass any and all laws you want and if there’s money in it, vaping will live-on with (sometimes) questionable sources of nicotine and supplies….but it will live on.  The Genie has been rubbed and is out of the bottle.

RolyGate came through with a lengthy glimpse into the future, I liked it so much, I made an entire post out of it a couple days ago.


If the EU (my local legislature) effectively bans vaping and/or e-liquid through overly restrictive regulation, I will consider that they have effectively broken the social contract – they will not be acting in my interest at all, but are instead actively trying to harm me. As such, I would not hesitate to go into business in the black market, to ensure that other vapers can continue to get products that are off a sufficiently good quality, availability and affordability, despite the law.

Bogey also envisions Al Capone style prohibition

1. Vapers will end up hording thier existing equipment keeping it together with duct tape. Maybe even hiding places like the old classic speakeasy era.

2. The return of old school “modding” Frankensteining whats available witb other electronics. Buy stock in pyramid tea bags now people!

3. Black market nicotine though Home done nicotine extractions. Possibly resulting in raids. I.e. “Bathtub Nic”

4. DIY boom.

5. This is wishful /hopeful thinking but a big backlash after all this finally proves the point we had it right all along.


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Niagra Kayaker sees things keeping an even keel (sort of):

Not much different then now, we go from the Wild West to black market Wild West

I’d like to thank everyone who contributed. And I hope we will be successful in banding together to prevent some of these darker visions from ever coming to be.  Please, add your own take in the comments below. Maybe you want to share this post as well so we can keep the awareness going.


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