E-Cigarette Friendly Restaurants

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Electronic cigarettes are relatively new to consumers however the trend is growing rapidly.  Therefore, policies and rules in social settings are still undetermined.  Restaurants and bars are starting to slowly implement their standing on electronic cigarettes in their establishments.

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Does Your Favorite Restaurant Allow Electronic Cigarettes?

Many restaurants that do allow electronic cigarettes all agree if an electronic cigarette isn’t bothersome to people, it doesn’t smell, and there is not any second hand smoke, then why not allow electronic cigarettes?  Here are restaurants allowing electronic cigarettes.

  • Arooga’s Grille House & Sports Bar in Harrisburg, PA allows electronic cigarettes.  This trendy sports bar also has many other locations worth checking out.

  • 21 Restaurant & Lounge in Las Vegas, Nevada is a great place for Asian and Korean food allowing smoking.

  • Hollywood Casino at the Penn National Race Course in Grantville allows 50% of the casino floor to enjoy using their electronic cigarette.

  • Cotton Geatz American Restaurant in Cumberland, Maryland not only serves American food, but allows electronic cigarettes.

  • The Caprock Café in Lubbock, Texas welcomes electronic cigarettes in their establishment.

  • The Villager Tavern in Nashville, Tennessee is famous for darts, smoking, and good beer.

  • Blind Willie’s in Atlanta, Georgia is not only a restaurant/bar, but has blue music too.

  • The Peppertree Restaurant & Lounge in Idaho Falls is a comedy club that allows smoking.

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Proper Etiquette

Once you determine you are in an establishment that allows electronic cigarettes, you should always take the time to ask everyone at your table if smoking your electronic cigarette is okay.  You never want to bother someone with your electronic cigarette.  Another issue to take into consideration is some people may not know what your device is all about.  Electronic cigarette 101 can be a great way to dish out a few facts, so anyone inquiring about your trendy cigarette will feel at ease.  Locations that are really busy is another time to ask people surrounding you if they mind your electronic cigarette.  Using your manners and proper etiquette will get you much further, than not asking people.

As more research is completed about electronic cigarettes, there will be more restaurants and other establishments allowing the electronic cigarette.  If you are wondering about a restaurant or bar in your local area allows smoking an electronic cigarette on their premises, you should take the time to ask a member of management.  You might be assisting in introducing a new policy to one of your favorite locations.

This article was written by Daniel Sodkiewicz for www.zemocigs.com.