e-Cigarette Holiday Gift Guide 2012

Welcome to the 2nd annual edition of Steve K’s Vaping World’s holiday e-cigarette gift guide! Like last year, I’ve amassed some of the most popular items on this site for electronic cigarette users ranging from total beginner to the vaping gadget hound.

This year, I’m doing things a little differently, each section will be divided by price, rather than style to make it easier to find gifts within your budget (with a bonus section on accessories at the end). I will try to put discount codes in the descriptions, but they may change after I write this guide, so be sure to check out the coupon codes page and the Deals of the Moment section to make sure you don’t miss out on any savings!


electronic cigarette gift ideas under $15

e-Cigarette Gifts Under $15

There’s a surprising amount of vaping goodness to be had for less than 15 bucks. Here’s a few ideas that can keep some of that Christmas jingle in your pocket after you’re done shopping.



bauway ce4 review title image

Inexpensive and Functional eGo Clearomizer

Bauway CE4
Price: 2.99
Buy it at Happy eSmoker
The Bauway CE4 gets a lot less attention than the eGo Stardust cartomizers. While these appear to be knockoffs of that cartomizer, the Bauways are excellent clearomizers in their own right and are available in a wide variety of colors. You can read the review here.


777 ecigs Disposable Review package image

For the curious smoker

777 eCigs Disposable
Price: 7.95
Buy it at 777eCigs.com
e-Cigarette companies have been busy this year putting out disposables intended for store shelves. The offering from 777 is less expensive and has a unique squishy feel to it that very closely mimics the sensation of squeezing a cigarette filter. Current smokers may find this further simulates the smoking ritual. Check out the review for more details.


Artemas DCT Review

No-slip Cartomizer Tank

Artemas Dual Coil Cartomizer Tank
Price: 11.99
Buy it at MadVapes
The Artemas tank improves upon the trusty dual coil cartomizer tank by making sure everything stays put. Using the flange on the SmokTech pre-punched cartomizers (dual or single) this carto tank has slots to keep the tank from spinning, and a cap to keep the cartomizer from pulling out of the tank. Say goodbye to accidental e-liquid spills! The review can be found here.


400 mah mini ego gift under $15

Pocketable On-The-Town eGo

400 mAh eGo Battery
Price: $14.99
Buy it at Vapor Alley
The Mini eGo offers an excellent vaping experience in a very small form factor. The small size along with the 5 click on/off feature make this a perfect device to carry in a pocket for vaping without drawing a lot of attention. You’ll need an eGo charger if you don’t have one (see the accessories section). Here’s my review.


vivi nova 2.5 e-cigarette title image

Mr. Popularity

Vivi Nova
Price: $14.99
Buy it at MadVapes
One of the most popular new bits of e-cigarette gear this year is the Vivi Nova tank. This tank features easy filling and the ability to replace heads when they go bad instead of throwing the whole thing out. Advanced users even find the coils easy to rebuild. The Vivi Nova comes in several varieties including one with a metal tank and see-through ports. Read the review to get all the details.



e-cigarette christmas gifts under $25e-Cigarette Gifts Under $25

The next level of shopping budget adds a wide variety of things to the gift list for the vapers on your nice list. This price range also finds the first of several variable voltage e-cigarettes.





inexpensive e-cigarette kit for christmas holiday gift giving

Inexpensive Starter Kit

Smokeless Image Volt Pack Kit
Price: $19.95
Buy it at Smokeless Image
The Volt Pack kit is another product designed for people just entering the e-cigarette world who don’t want to invest too much money into a larger starter kit. This includes 1 battery, a charger and a couple of cartomizers allowing the kit to be reused or added on to down the road.



 Vision Spinner eGo Variable Voltage Review title

Affordable Variable Voltage

Vision Spinner
Price: from $21.99
Buy it at MadVapes
The Vision Spinner is a variable voltage e-cigarette in the popular midrange eGo style. Voltage adjustment is simply through the use of a dial located at the bottom of the device. Users can select any voltage between 3.3 and 4.8v with the turn of a dial. The Spinner is available in several battery capacity sizes from 400mAh to 1300mAh.
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Halo Cigs sample gift pack christmas holiday gift ideas

e-Liquid Gift Box

Halo Sample Pack
Price: $24.99
Buy it at Halo E-Liquid
Halo is one of the premier American e-liquid manufacturer and has no shortage of fans. The Halo sample pack includes six – (7ml) e-liquid samples in the company’s most popular flavors (choose from tobacco or variety packs). The e-liquids come packaged in an attractive tin, and nothing says the holidays more than gifts that come in tins!



Vaping Gifts for $25.01 – $50

The next price point also features a wide selection of ideas for different kinds of vapors. The first starter kits appear in this category along with more variable voltage devices.




ego-c twist setting detail

The Original Variable Volt eGo

eGo-C Twist
Price: From $25.99
Buy it at Vapor Alley
The eGo-C Twist, like the Vision Spinner lets you dial in your voltage from between 3.3 and 4.8v. Both devices are fairly similar. This one makes the list because it is made by Joyetech, the creator of the original eGo. Many people have a personal preference for devices made by Joye over devices from other manufacturers. Check out the review here.


Vv eGo Display

Variable Voltage with Bells and Whistles

Super Variable Voltage eGo Pass-Through
Price: $29.95
Buy it at Happy eSmoker
Like the eGo Twist and the Vision Spinner, this model is also a variable voltage eGo e-cigarette. This one, however offers several more features at the cost of being slightly larger. The Super eGo is a pass-through which means it charges by attaching a USB cable (included) and you can still use the electronic cigarette while it charges. This model also features a display screen to show the battery charge and voltage settings. Adjustments are made with two buttons instead of a dial. See the review here.


 basic e-cigarette starter kit inexpensive christmas holiday gift

Basic e-Cigarette Starter Kit

510 Manual Battery Carto Kit
Price: $32.99
Buy it at MadVapes
This is one of several no-frills unbranded e-cigarette kits available from MadVapes. It uses the popular 510 connector which makes it compatible with a wide range of accessories. The kit includes five cartomizers and a bottle of e-liquid along with two manual 510 batteries. This is one of the least expensive starter kits around that includes 2 batteries.


Variable Voltage Gripper Mod Title

Advanced Ergonomic Variable Voltage

Smoktech Variable Voltage Gripper Mod
Price: $49.95
Buy it at MadVapes
The Smoktech VV Gripper has a unique design with a grip on one side for a comfortable hold (hence the clever name). This device uses a replaceable 18650 battery and can adjust voltages from 3.0 to 6.0 volts in .1v increments. The device also sports features like displaying the resistance of the attached cartomizer found in more advanced devices. This version is for the device only, the product is also available in kit form with batteries, charger and cartomizers.


 juice of the month club, new e-liquid flavors each month perfect for christmas holiday gifts!

A new Gift Every Month

MadVapes Juice of the Month Club
Price: from $49.82
Buy it at MadVapes
What’s a Christmas buying guide without some sort of a * of the month club? MadVapes has a juice of the month club, where each month the recipient will get 6, (10)ml bottles of e-liquid including one exclusive flavor. Memberships are available in 3, 6 or 12 months, and the nicotine level is also selectable.



e-Cigarette Gifts $50.01 – $100

The under $100 section starts to open up the possibilities. Some advanced e-cigarette options become available at this price point. Most deluxe traditional starter kits that offer more features fall within this price range as well.




Popular Midrange Kit With a Lot of Clearomizers

Happy eSmoker Ultra Clearomizer Kit
Price: $65.95
Buy it at Happy eSmoker
This is an eGo kit, which is a popular choice for many vapers as a solid step up from traditional cigarette-style e-cigarette models. This kit includes 2 pass-through eGo batteries, which means they can be used while they are charging for extended run time. The unique thing about this kit is that includes 10 of the very popular eGo Stardust cartomizers. For most vapers, that means it will be quite a while before the need to buy more cartomizers arises. You can also add a 10ml bottle of e-liquid for an additional 2 bucks.
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Well Equipped Starter Kit

777 Deluxe Starter Kit
Price: $69.95
Buy it at 777 eCigs
The 777 Deluxe kit is a good choice if you want to give something with a few more accessories than a standard e-cigarette kit for not much more than a basic kit from a lot of big brand e-cigarette companies.  The kit includes two batteries (mix and match different styles and colors) as well as a USB pass-through (also with a couple options.) In addition, the kit includes 3 packs of 5 prefilled cartomizers, a car charger and a hard shell carrying case.


full variable voltage kit christmas holiday buying gude under $75

Advanced Variable Voltage Complete Kit

Apollo V-Tube
Price: from $74.95 (before 30% discount)
Buy it at Apollo
The V-Tube is based on the incredibly popular Lavatube advanced personal vaporizer. These models use a replacable battery and can adjust voltage from 3.0 to 6.0 volts using the adjustment buttons and built-in display. The V-Tube is available in several colors and finishes including stainless steel as well as two different sizes. The kit includes the V-Tube, an atomizer, drip tip, battery and charger packaged in a soft-sided zippered carrying case. Here’s the review. Bonus: the coupon code vtube30 will let you cut 30% off the price making this a very affordable option (subject to availability).


Colorful Advanced Personal Vaporizer Bargain

MadVapes AcryliMax
Price: $79.99
Buy it at MadVapes
The AcryliMax is an interesting animal.  This device is made in-house by MadVapes. It comes in an acrylic tube in a wide variety of colors and patterns. But, the big feature of this device is that it uses the same circuit as the much more expensive ZMAX. This provides not only variable voltage functionality, but variable wattage as well.



e-cigarette christmas holiday gift guide smokeless image volt starter kit

Traditional Kit Virtually Never Runs Out of Power

Volt Premium Starter Kit
Price: $94.99
Buy it at Smokeless Image
If there’s anyone on your Christmas list who is afraid of running out of steam, this may just be the ticket.  This kit includes two batteries of your choice, plus a USB pass-through to make sure there’s always power available.  In addition, this kit also features the Volt personal charging case, which has a large internal battery and can recharge an e-cigarette batteries up to four times while away from a power source. Check out my review here. You can also save 10% with discount code SIVOLT88



e-cigarette holiday gift ideas budget busterse-Cigarette Gifts Over $100

I present here a few e-cigarette gift ideas on the high-end of the price range.  If you have someone extra-special on your list, one of these items may be just the thing.  Or perhaps you might want to reward  yourself with something extra special after spending all this time searching for the perfect holiday gift.



Smoktech ZMAX full View

Advanced Personal Vaporizer

Smoktech ZMAX
Price: $124.89
Buy it at Vapor Alley
The ZMAX packs a lot of features while being less expensive than the advanced devices that inspired it. Beyond the ability to select voltages between 3 and 6v, the VMAX also allows the user to select the specific wattage. Also in the bag of tricks is the ability to switch between single and dual battery mode with an extended end cap. The ZMAX also offers a very high amperage rating in dual battery mode, perfect for running dual coil cartomizers to their full potential.


The Ultimate e-Cigarette

Price: from $159.95
Buy it at ProVape
The ProVari is the gold standard of advanced e-cigarettes. It is an incredibly popular device despite the hefty price tag, and for good reason. The build quality of the ProVari is virtually matchless in the e-cigarette world. The device uses a single battery and allows voltages between 3 and 6. The ProVari is available in two sizes with or without an optional extender cap. Multiple color choices and LED colors are also available options for this device.  Read my review here.
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christmas holiday e-cigarette guide v2 cigs ultimate kit

No Half Measures

V2 Cigs Ultimate Kit
Price: $179.95
Buy it at V2Cigs
When people start using e-cigarettes, one of the first things they realize is that they didn’t buy enough gear. It seems like there’s never enough batteries or other accessories. Anyone who gets the V2 Cigs Ultimate kit won’t run into that problem.  This kit is great for someone who wants to jump right in to the world of e-cigarettes but wants to stick with a cigarette style device. The V2 kit comes with a wide range of gear including 3 batteries of your choosing, one of the best USB passthroughs on the market, a regular carrying case, a portable charging case, chargers lanyards the whole bit plus 5 packs of cartomizers in choice of flavors and strengths. You can save 10% with coupon code SteveVape and you can see my review of the Ultimate Kit for more details.


e-cigarette christmas holiday gift guide accessories section

Buying e-cigarettes for Christmas is in some ways no different from buying toys.  You’re going to need batteries and other accessories. Before you run off to complete your holiday shopping, you might want to read through this section to make sure you’re not forgetting something.


Traditional and eGo style e-cigarettes basically are batteries, so they’re actually included. However, advanced e-cigarettes like the ProVari require separate batteries and may not be included. You can usually get batteries at the same place as the device, but if not MadVapes has a good battery selection.  Important note, e-cigarettes require protected or safe chemistry batteries. Do not use any other kind of battery as serious damage or injury could happen.


External batteries mentioned above will require a charger like the TR001 charger. Several of the standalone eGo batteries like the Twist, mini and Spinner do not come with chargers. If your recipient doesn’t already have an eGo charger you’ll need to pick one of those up as well.


An e-Cigarette doesn’t do much without liquid to vaporize. Beyond the gift items mentioned in the list, you can get e-liquid in various sizes and flavors from a wide range of merchants including Highbrow Vapor, EC Blend, VapeDudes, Halo and many others.

Drip Tips

Drip tips are small tips you can put on the end of standard cartomizers and atomizers to allow for easy refilling with e-liquid. They are also great for personalizing e-cigarettes.  A lot of people like to collect them as well.  They are fairly inexpensive, between 1 and 10 dollars generally and make good stocking stuffers. Most e-cigarette vendors carry these, so be sure to check the rest of the site when you’re purchasing your gifts.


Having new e-cigarette gear is great, but having a place to put your stuff is even better. Some of the kits I mentioned include carrying cases already, but you can always buy cases from general e-cigarette merchants like MadVapes or Vapor Alley among others. Protip: standard soft-sided eGo cases can fit larger devices like the ProVari or V-Tube. Speaking of ProVari, ProVape makes interchangeable wood stands for larger devices that are good for desk organizing or just showing off the shiny new vaping gear.

Happy Holidays!

I know the e-cigarette world is huge, and I couldn’t include every cool device out there (this guide is big enough already!) I wanted to take representations of what is available to provide some inspiration for shopping for that vapor on your list. If you have a favorite device that I overlooked, please accept my apologizes as I didn’t mean to exclude anything out of spite, it’s a space limitation thing :)

Thank you for taking the time to read this guide, and I wish you and your family a happy holiday season!

-Steve K


Disclosure, I feature affiliate links or advertisement for many of the vendors in this guide.

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