E-liquid Manufacturers: Prepare to Be Regulated

I received this release from Instant GMP. I thought it might be of interest to my readers who are e-liquid makers.  This is not any kind of endorsement. -SK


E-cigarettes may not have any actual tobacco in them, but like it or not, the FDA is determined to regulate them as such. We may not know what the final regulations will look like just yet, but those who have experience in FDA regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements have a good idea of what’s to come for e-liquid manufacturers.

Even though many in the industry are at odds over the impending regulations, we can all agree that creating safe, quality products is important. When industry leaders show a commitment to quality, everyone wins: the consumers, your business and the industry at-large. The experts at InstantGMP, a manufacturing software company, have over 40 years of experience with regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements. We, along with the industry leaders at Vapor Digest, are offering a unique webinar to give e-liquid creators an idea of what is to come and what they can do now to prepare for FDA regulations deeming e-cigarettes as tobacco products. For e-liquid manufacturers, this is a prime opportunity to get an edge on the competition and establish your company as a leader in the vape space.

The webinar, titled “Prepare to Be Regulated,” will cover the deeming regulations in their current form.  You will learn about premarket tobacco product applications, standards, manufacturing methods and quality controls. Although the webinar is geared towards e-liquid manufacturers, we welcome all industry types to sign up. The FDA regulations will affect the manufacturers AND the retailers. We’re all in this together!

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“Prepare to be Regulated” will take place on Tuesday, September 9th at 1 PM EST. The cost to attend is $25 and you can register via our Eventbrite page – http://www.eventbrite.com/e/e-liquid-manufacturers-prepare-to-be-regulated-registration-11747094877

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This will be an interactive event and the InstantGMP team encourages you to bring questions about the FDA deeming regulations, GMP or any other general manufacturing questions. You can also submit questions beforehand via Twitter using the hashtag #EcigRegs. We also invite you to follow us at @InstantGMP_Vape where you can look out for opportunities to attend the webinar for free.

InstantGMP Vape is the first manufacturing software system developed specifically for the production of e-liquids. We created the system after being approached by industry leader NicQuid – one of the first e-liquid producers to ask quality-related questions. Good Manufacturing Practices are built into the software so e-liquid creators can make GMP-quality products without having to be experts.

Vapor Digest is the vape industry’s leading trade publication. In their premier issue, they put the spotlight on quality by featuring the Top 5 Shining Stars of E-liquid Manufacturing.

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