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e-Liquid Review: Pink Spot Vapors Honey Cured

 This is the second installment of Jesse B’s two-part article about Pink Spot Vapors.  You can see part one here.  If you’re interested in contributing a guest review of e-liquid (or any sort of guest article) we should talk. And now I will turn it over to Jesse. — Steve K.

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Honey Cured

pink spot honey curedOut of all the flavors Pink Spot Vapors has to offer there is one I keep coming back to again and again, and one that I miss the most when it is absent from my e-liquid line up for too long.. Groans of “Honey Cuuuuurred!! Hooooney Cuuuuured!!! Wherefore art thou, Honey Cured!..” Can be heard echoing from my bedroom walls during a restless nights slumber awaiting the arrival of this yet to be rivaled Honey Cured Tobacco flavored vape.

I’m always longing for it to fill the confines of my cartomizer with its tangy, ever so slightly & pleasantly bitter, subtle honey sweetness. This bouquet is backed by a truly hard to come by, realistic, delicately dry tobacco flavor that blends together to make this a constant companion in any coupling of flavors on any given day, for any and all occasions..

I find it also mixes well with other PSV juices, as well as juices from other vendors. In all my taste testing endeavors I’ve never found a juice quite like it, nor any juice that balances out a vape pouch full of sweet juices quite so well..


This may not be a juice for beginners, since upon receiving my very first sample pack this flavor was a tad off-putting and dryer than what I was looking for at the time and I favored their regular Tobacco, USA blend, and RY8 tobacco blends. It did however always quench the urge to go back to analogs during the early stages of my efforts to quit smoking [:)]

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pink spot review sample pack imageAfter awhile my palette would get far too accustomed to sweet and/or smooth flavors, and found myself returning again and again to Honey Cured Tobacco to awaken my taste buds for more sugary abuse.

This e-liquid is quite thin, which makes filling cartomizers a breeze, though drippers may find adding just a little VG to the mix by hand a little less likely for it to move so quickly to their battery connection. In addition, adding a touch of VG may satisfy those looking for a bit thicker visual cloud of vapor on the exhale. That is not to say this e-liquid is a slouch in the vapor production category, it holds up to any 50/50 PG/VG blend I’ve ever vaped, even on par and in some cases surpasses 60% VG juices that for whatever reason are shy on the visual vapor production.

This rings true for the specific top coil cartomizers I prefer on a variable voltage device, as well as on an ego style battery with a low resistance 306 atomizer on which the flavor, vapor production, and throat hit all hold firm.

The Hardware Part of the Review

I’d go so far as to say this juice shines on an eGo with a low resistance atty, when other juices fail to give up their nuances on anything outside of a variable voltage device at above 3.7, I find this juice shines anywhere from 3.4 well into the upper 4’s, and I detect the first hints of a burnt flavor around 4.9-5volts.

ego dual coil on twist

I rarely push sweet juices very far above 4 volts as they have a tendency to burn, making this juice a great choice both for weaker batteries and for those looking for a juice they can push to hotter, more analog comparable temperatures.

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Last but not least would be the matter of throat and/or nasal hit. As you may or may not know, exhaling through the nose in part or even entirely may improve ones ability to taste a specific vapor’s various flavor notes.

One can also bypass the need to inhale vapor into the lungs at all by taking a drag then blowing the vapor out through your nose straight away like puff the magic dragon lol.. This will give a “nasal hit” which can be every bit as pleasant as a throat hit (dependent on personal preference) and does a pretty good job at absorbing nicotine through the nasal passages as well.

That being said and any lessons in the finer points of vaping aside, Honey Cured Tobacco e-liquid is not shy on the throat hit and has an especially pleasant and distinctive nasal exhale that should really be experienced in order to be best understood.


It never fails to give me that satisfaction in the inhale or exhale and leaves a dry, bold, but not overpowering aftertaste with no lingering, funky, or bad breath experiences once the PV is set down for a spell.. or rather IF it gets set down.. I’m currently looking for a beer helmet alternative to vaping so I can do all manner of things while still enjoying a hands free vape at the drop of a hat, so to speak..

Well there you have it, one very long, very thorough e-juice review. I’d like to take some time to review my other Pink Spot Vapors go to vapes, as there are many worth reviewing therein. I will however consider giving spotlight to the several other wonderful vendors I’ve sampled as well as some new up and comers, choosing a juice from each that sticks out amongst the bunch as my personal favorite and worthy of praise.

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Submitted humbly for your approval and for the potential betterment of the greater vaping community at large. Be proud to be a vaper, and take any and all vaping scrutiny in stride and a big ole grain of salt.

Much love yall, vape on!

-Jesse B.


  • By any chance did you have a chance to measure the total mL's in a bottle? There have been reports of Pink Spot "shorting" the amount of eliquid in their bottles.

    • Hopefully Jesse will come by and provide an answer, or maybe another reader might have tried that out and will let us know.

  • I can't imagine any business taking the chance of getting that rep.


  • I can't imagine any business being so foolish as to chance that kind of a rep by saving a few cents on liquids.


  • I've seen all kinds of things in this industry, but Pink Spot seems to have a pretty decent rep, so it doesn't seem likely. I'm hoping someone will respond that's actually tested that one.

  • First, let me preface what I'm about to share with that I really love the Pink Spot juice line, and even though they sell some of the most expensive e-liquid in the industry, they sell some of the best-tasing juice around. Additionally the owners have been nothing but friendly towards me throughout my correspondence with them.

    After purchasing their 20ml bottles for several months last year as they were my go-to vendor, I ended up using an empty bottle for some DIY juice for a family member and found that you can only fit 18ml in it; up the neck to just overflowing. So their 20ml bottles were only being shipped with around 16ml in them (filled to where the bottle curves). I approached PS about this and got an insufficient answer about their problems as e-liquid vendors with lacking standards amongst the bottle suppliers, and was told that they were in the process of changing over to another supplier of different 20ml bottles. Somewhat miffed by their answer to the problem I decided to stop purchasing from them since I had been already paying for 4ml of juice in each bottle that I wasn't receiving. Had I purchased packs of cigarettes and were shorted 4 analogs in every pack I would have been equally upset, as most smokers probably would be.

    Then as fate and irony would have it, 6 months later at a vape event I won a gift certificate to, who else, Pink Spot! Like I said before, I LOVED their flavors so after three weeks of contemplating whether to give them another try, I decided to use the card and give them another chance since I had nothing to lose monetarily. As I went to their website, 6 months after my last order, I saw that they were still selling 20ml bottles. So I sent them an email to question whether these were the "new" bottles from another bottle supplier as they had told me. Their reply to me was that they didn't change bottles, but were no longer offering that size and instead were going to be selling a 120ml bottle that their customers told them they wanted. Yet the 20ml bottle was still listed and there wasn't a 120ml bottle offered on their website. When I questioned when that would be happening I did not receive a reply until 11 days later, when I was told that the 20ml bottle was no longer for sale and the 120ml bottle was, and at that time their website reflected it.

    Look, I'm not trying to hurt their business, but e-liquids are based upon precise measurements of a chemical mixture, so there really shouldn't be any excuse variations on a final volume measurement without it being intentional or a sloppy mistake. If it was a mistake I was never offered to have it corrected to keep me as a regular customer coming back for more. Especially since anyone who's done some DIY knows that e-liquid is fairly inexpensive to produce. Similar issues have also happened to me with a few other e-liquid vendors where they made no effort to correct issues to keep me as a regular, returning customer. Additionally that identical 20ml bottle sold by Pink Spot has been sold by other e-liquid vendors as 16ml and 18ml sizes. This seems to be an industry problem.

    As personal solution to avoid this from happening to me again, I have taken empty bottles of the varying shapes and sizes that most vendors use and filled each with food-colored water to the proper, carefully measured amounts. This new addition to my vaping toolbox will now give me a quick visual reference when my e-liquid comes in and I'll know immediately whether I'm being shorted or not. And when a vendor sends a bottle with 1-2ml extra in it (as many do) it goes a long, long way to gain my loyalty as a repeat customer!

    My advice, we ALL need to watch what we pay for. There are a lot of choices of e-liquid out there today, with new stores opening every week. And if the vendors cannot regulate themselves in an honest manner within their control, I'm sure there's some federal government agency just nipping at their heels to step in an do it for them. Which would be a nightmare scenario for all parties; vendors, vapers and the vaping community!

    • Thanks for posting that information. Very thorough.

      I just checked the PSV site. It looks like they dropped those 20ml bottles and now have 6, 12, 30 or 120ml options instead.

      • Yes, the 20ml bottles were dropped only after I contacted them about it in April, which was 6 months after I originally brought it to their attention that their 20ml bottles realistically only held 16ml of juice. Maybe my over-winded post didn't make that evidently clear, if so I apologize.

        Nice site here BTW!

  • Attack of the Pink Spot Fanboys.

  • Lol I’m being trolled, oh nooooes! :P honestly I dont pay that much attention to a few stray ML’s, it’s far less expensive than analogs especially in my area, and I can honestly say ivenever purchased odd sized bottles before and stick to sample/30/60/100 and now even 130ml sizes and have neen vaping long enough to know by eyeballing it how much to expect from each batch. That being.said I dont ecactly weight a bag of chips or bag of cookies to see if ive gotten however many grams they say are inside. I think its a bit extreme but to each their own .. my 120 ml bottles were huge and filled to the brim, with some samples inside which turned me onto their dutch apple pie which I love and wouldn’t have tried otherwise… i wish people split less hairs in life and look on the bright side more often. But thats just me i guess, its not worth getting upset over the small thing, but I was forthcoming about the cost and have had bottles from many other vendors that had smaller bottles when doin the water test comparison .. ive always enjoyed their juices to the last drop and if.u think their expensive try a gas station/tobacco store alternative at six bucks for 4mls.. i bought some in urgency and was thankful for the online vendors afterwards. Other places may give you more than you ordered, but bad batches waste tons of mls straight to the garbage and ne er have i had a bad batch from PSV, EVAAAR! this cannot be said fir any other vendor Ive tried, and that says something right there. Ne ver have i not Finnished a bottle of PSV aside from pina colada which was too strong IMO. I will give others their time, Im a vape fanboy not simply PSV lol it just what i had on hand so i could i type it out.. I ai.t perfect, never claimed as muh. Its an opinion, everyone has one and they all stink :P negativity begets negativity so i keep things asa positive as possible while remaining honest. I AM TL; DR by nature so dont read it if you dont like it. Not gonna waste my time with negative vibes. Im blessed to be a non smoker and have such a variety of flavors, vendors, and equipment to keep me from making my chronic illness worse and I havent had a case of upper respiratory infection since i quit last November , i was the worst chain smoker ive ever known. It worth something, and i do this.for fun not to defend myself to trolls and negative vibes. I guess its to be expected in the court of public opinion. Still, love my 120 ml bottles that were 20% off with facebook codes, and get excited to enter their contests, try their new flavors etc.. gonna do a review on alien visions next i think, as its what i quit smoking with and have tried most their flavors.. much love all! Dont hate, appreciate!

  • I personally think the price of juice is way overpriced anyway.

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