e-Mails from the Edge: Blinky Light Voice Operated Nightclub eCig

Here at Steve K’s Vaping World, I tend to get a lot of unsolicited e-mails from overseas e-cigarette manufacturers. For some reason, these places can’t grasp that I’m not actually a retailer of products.

Usually, I just mark them as spam and get on with my day.  But every once in a while an e-mail for a product just flies its WTF flag high and proud.  I figured rather than keeping these things to myself I should share them.

Here’s the first one.  It’s a vaping device that’s apparently designed for showing off at night clubs.  Naturally, it has blinking lights, because why not.  Even better, you can adjust the voltage by talking to it!

Of course, nightclubs are insanely loud, so I’m not exactly sure how that would work out.

email redacted


To be honest, I just want the magical sticker.

Here’s a couple of publicity stills for your enjoyment. I’ll also refrain from guessing what the “DB” stands for in the product name.

db twist


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