eCig Blog Watch: My Favorite Articles for Week of 3/29

Welcome to a brand-spanking-new feature I’m rolling out starting today. As you might gather, I read a lot of e-cigarette blogs and a lot of great articles. Not all of them make the news item cut because they’re not necessarily news. Still, I thought I might like to draw attention to these pieces and share them with everyone. So every Saturday, I’ll publish snippets from interesting blog articles.

Here we go!

New French representative survey: 1% of the population has quit smoking thanks to e-cigarettes

The vaping giraffe: Will the fate of the e-cigarettes be decided in court?

The vaping giraffe: Nicotine poisoning; the anti-e-cig-movements new favourite argument?

Vaper`s Tongue: What it is, what causes it and how to cure it!

American Lung Association EXPOSED

A Word For Regulators About eCigarettes / Vaping

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