eCig News Item – White Cloud Featured in Another Article

White Cloud Cigarettes recently appeared in a Forbes article as I mentioned in a previous news item. Either the company has been pushing for interviews to get some digital ink, or it’s been very lucky this week.  The company was profiled in a piece in the Tampa Bay Business Journal this week.  The piece focused mainly on the company’s rocky start as yet another mall kiosk brand fleecing unsuspecting consumers on their way past the Banana Republic.  Or rather, they would have been had their new employees showed up for work that first day.


Naturally, there wouldn’t be much of a newspaper article had the company not changed its tune.  The mall kiosk days were back in 2009 while today the company is rapidly growing and has even cut their online prices down from the Galleria-esque online prices they had until a few months ago. I recently reviewed White Cloud as well.  The article also talks about some of the regulatory and competitive things on the horizon, noting the company is trying to bring as much of its operation as possible into the US to brace for the eventual oversight by the FDA.

Steve K

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