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A new eGo tank style e-cigarette system hit the market recently.  This kit is called the eGo-W, not sure what the W is for, wide tank maybe?  Anyway, unlike some of the previous eGo tank e-cigarettes, this model has a slightly different spin on the concept.

What you get
Ok, I’ll admit this up front, I’m kind of cheating for this review.  I haven’t purchased the entire kit, instead I was able to purchase just the tanks and the filler bottle.  My reasoning was that I am quite well stocked on eGo batteries, and the bulk of this review is about the tank.

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Like this, but with more stuff

The battery is a basic, albeit large, eGo battery, coming in at a whopping 1100 mAh. The battery features a 5 click shut off as do most of the new eGo batteries, and does not have a USB pass through.  Also part of the normal kit, but not included with my purchase, are nifty pen caps that snap over the atomizer tip and have a little pen clip on them.  It is my understanding for new orders of the cartomizer alone will include the pen cap.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at what comes in the theoretical kit:

  • 2 eGo batteries, 1100mAh 5 click shut off
  • 2 Eliq carts
  • 2 metal shells for carts
  • 2 whistle tips
  • 2 pen caps
  • 1 empty needle tip bottle
  • USB charger
  • AC adapter
  • Printed manual


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I’m not fat! I’m big wick-ed

As I mentioned, the main attraction of the eGo-W is the cartomizers.  It’s sort of tricky to explain so bear with me here.  It’s basically a two piece design with the inner cart and the outer shell.  The inner cart is a CE2 style clearomizer with a 2ml capacity.  Rather than being slender and tall, it looks sort of squat and fat.

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The outer shell is a simple metal sleeve with two long view ports on either side.  The shell simply slides over the clear cart after it’s attached to the battery.  Unlike similar setups I’ve seen, you have to use the shell, because the whistle tips attach to the shell, not the cartomizer.

There is very little space between the top of the clear tube and the inner gasket (there is no outer gasket in this design).  Because of this short gap, it’s unlikely the addition of an eGo drip tip would allow you to use the cartomizer naked.  While on the subject of the included drip tip, as is the trend lately, it’s an oddball size, so you won’t be able to use your favorite tip without some modding.

Finally there is one last somewhat unusual aspect to the W cartomizers.  They’re not 510 compatible, they’re only eGo compatible!  Unlike most large eGo cartomizer and atomizers that feature threading on the battery connector itself, the W cartomizer uses the cone threading on a standard eGo battery.  Therefore, this thing is only going to work on eGo style batteries, unless you have specifically have an eGo adapter.



When we talk about CE2 style cartomizers, a few things always come up as issues that tend to plague this style of cartomizer.  The first is dry hits, followed by tube cracking issues.  The first doesn’t seem to be a concern, while the second has the advantage of a big metal case surrounding the tube.


eGo-w e-cigarette review gasket image
Those ridges help its death grip

In more specific terms, these aren’t made by the same company that manufactures the genuine CE2s, so the inner silicone gasket design is different.  The result is I ran into no problems with the juice getting to the coil (wicking) and therefore no dry hits and that lovely burning taste that accompanies them.  There are however some things to know about that gasket in the eGo-W cartomizers.

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When looking at the top of the Eliq cart, it appears like there’s a nice, large, fill hole.  Err… yah, not really.  That hole only goes about half way through.  I think there’s supposed to be a smaller hole from there, but on mine it was totally sealed off.  I had to take a paperclip and pierce the fill opening to allow a syringe to fit in and fill.

The other noteworthy thing about that gasket is unlike the CE2, that thing is in the tube snug.  When attempting to remove the gasket I managed to crack the tube and eventually ended up pushing it out from the inside.  That thing really doesn’t want to move.

Which brings us to the next CE2 fear: cracking tubes.  As I demonstrated that is still an issue, although clearly that was a result of rough handling.  The bottom line is these things have the same style of tube, so expect the same limitations as far as very acidic juices.  The good news is the metal sleeve will reduce most of the potential sources of cracking as it not only protects the tube, but the tip slides in the sleeve, not the tube, so there’s no potential cracking from stretching the tube with the tip.

Finally, there is the issue of condensation.  It’s a pretty minor issue but it does exist so is worthy of mention.  Because the tip fits into that outer sleeve, rather than the tube, condensation has the opportunity to squeeze in between the tube and the outer sleeve.  While this thing doesn’t weep like the old giantomizers, I do sometimes notice a slightly wet cartomizer when I remove the outer sleeve or feel along the viewing slits.

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From a performance standpoint, the W blows other eGo style tank systems away.  There is no leaking from the tubes.  Vapor production is admirable, and flavor doesn’t seem to be overly muted leaving it about on par, maybe a little better than your average CE2.


eGo-w e-cigarette review end (needle bottle) image



Too Long; Didn’t Read

The eGo-W is a new eGo style e-cigarette kit that boasts a CE2 style tank with a rugged metal outer sleeve.  The kit includes a couple of big 1100mAh eGo batteries that should keep you vaping along for days.  While there are a couple of eccentricities with the cartomizers, in general they perform admirably.


Vapor Production: Very Good

Vapor Temperature: Moderate

Throat Hit: Very Good

Draw: Slightly airy (covering one or both airholes on the metal sleeve will tighten that up)

Flavor: Good



  • Stylish
  • Rugged protective metal shell
  • Excellent battery life
  • Good performance
  • Easy to see juice level



  • Only 2ml capacity despite size
  • quirky gasket in cartomizer
  • Inner tube still susceptible to stress fractures
  • Unusual eGo only threading
  • Won’t accept 510 drip tips
  • Mild condensation build up on inner tube


Product Name: eGo-W

Purchased From: VaporAlley

Price: $59.95 (kit) / 9.95 (cartomizer only)

Threading: eGo (NOT 510)

Resistance: 2.5 ohm

Capacity: 2ml

Battery Capacity: 1100mAh

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