Eight Easy Vape Tricks You Can Quickly Master [Illustrated!]

One of the best parts about vaping is the ability to blow mesmerizing puffs of vapor in unique ways, from blowing hearts and rings to learning how to manipulate the vapor into incredible works of art right in front of your eyes. But you won’t simply pick up your new vape and suddenly have the ability to jellyfish and spam O like a pro. Learning vape tricks takes practice, and you’ve got to start with the basics.

We’ve outlined a few simple vape tricks that are a great place for beginner vapers to start. But before you begin, do a little background research to learn the different types of hits and make sure you’ve invested in a high-quality, hard-hitting vape that can produce big clouds.

1. Smoke Rings

Think of vape rings as the foundation of your vape trick arsenal. Not only are they fairly basic tricks in and of themselves; they also act as the foundation for some super mesmerizing displays that you can nail in no time. Learn how to blow O’s and then you can also master some other amazing tricks. Graduate from single rings to doubles and triples and then work your way up to more complex jellyfish and spam O’s. There’s no shortage of sweet stuff you can do with the fundamental smoke ring.


2. Bubbles

One of the coolest things you can do once you’ve mastered a few basic vape tricks is to introduce bubbles into the equation. Surprisingly, achieving a perfect vape bubble is easier than you might think. All you need is a vape or an e-cig, a bottle of bubbles or dish soap, a bubble wand and a plastic bottle. Once you’ve set up the bubble wand like you would to blow normal bubbles, simply exhale your vape into the plastic bottle and slowly release the bubble from the wand as it grows into the perfect vapor bubble. Amazing!

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3. Tornado

Next up: tornado. Who doesn’t want to blow a twister of vapor to impress all their friends? It’s the ultimate party trick. This masterful beginner trick requires a table or another surface to complete. First, take a long pull, and then slowly exhale it onto the surface so the vapor is thick. Next, you’ll take your hand and swipe up along the edge of the surface, creating a slim twister out of vape. This one is sure to impress fellow tricksters.

Best Vape Tornado Tricks   Vapenado

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4. Ghost Inhale

The ghost is a mouth-to-lung hit, meaning it requires you to inhale the vapor into your mouth, allow it to collect there and then fully breathe it into your lungs, similar to smoking a cigarette. Start with a mouth-to-lung hit, but rather than exhaling like normal, push it out of your mouth so it’s thicker than a regular exhale and so it looks like a sideways ghost. Simply open your mouth and close it, and you’ll be left with a ghost. The ghost is similar to vape rings in that you can build upon it to create more impressive tricks.

5. Dragon Exhale

The dragon exhale is often the second vape trick newbies master, after vape rings. With the dragon, you breathe out four streams — two out of your nostrils (one each) and one out of each side of the mouth. The result? You look like a dragon from a fairytale, and it’s pretty sweet. Check out this tutorial for a quick way to master the dragon exhale.


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6. French Inhale

You’ve probably seen cool guys do this with cigars in old Hollywood movies. Similar to the ghost, the French inhale is a mouth-to-lung hit. When you inhale, keep the vape in your cheeks and then exhale while holding your breath. Slowly let out the vape while holding your breath and inhaling through your nose. Experimenting with a wider mouth and an underbite, you can perfect your French inhale and make it all your own. Add a beret for effect.

7. Heart ❤

Say “I love you” with your vape with the vapor heart. Learn this sweet trick for Valentine’s Day, your anniversary or just to charm everyone in your path. Unfortunately, there’s no true way to “blow” vape hearts, but you can certainly manipulate your vape rings so that they’re shaped like hearts. There are several different methods you can use to achieve this, such as snapping your fingers on the top of the ring or using your hand to manipulate the shape of your mouth as you exhale.

8. Bane Inhale

The Bane inhale is similar to the French inhale, but rather than a regular cloud of smoke, the vapor takes a shape similar to the mask worn by supervillain Bane. To achieve this awesome inhale, it helps if you know how to properly French inhale. Once you can French inhale in your sleep, you can begin learning this trick. Start with a regular French inhale and then create an overbite and a fake smile. With practice, you’ll be able to achieve the Bane inhale that looks exactly like Bane’s mask.

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How to Learn How to Do Vape Tricks

So now that you’ve got a list of top-notch vape tricks to master, how do you actually learn them? The best place to start is YouTube. There are some truly impressive vapers on that platform, like Austin Lawrence (vAustinL), VapeChilla and others. Another great way to ramp up your vape game is to join your local vaping community, which you can usually find through your local vape shop. Finally, once you’ve learned all these show-stopping tricks and found some fellow vapers, be sure to practice as much as possible if you want to puff like a pro.

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