Evoke – Is Induction the Future of Vaping?

There’s a product currently in the funding stages at Indiegogo that looks like it has the potential to revolutionize vaping as much or more so than the idea of cartomizers or variable voltage. Evoke is a vaping device that will use induction to heat e-liquid (and other products) rather than the resistive coils we currently know and love.

First and foremost, our priority of the Evoke is function. We want it to work better than other vapes and because of that we’re going to use a different heating method called induction.

Most people have heard of induction when talking about kitchen ranges. Induction’s claim to fame is being able to boil water at ridiculous speeds, being able to control the temperature instantly, with the range still being cool to the touch. Now imagine this technology being used in a vaporizer; all of the magic of induction will lead to a superior product and an experience you simply can’t get with electric coil heaters.

Assuming the whole process works, things are about to get a whole lot more interesting.  After all, I can’t be the only one who hates dry burning.  Making that a thing of the past would be pretty awesome.

It looks like the device will be a reality as they’ve hit their basic funding goal for production.  They’re close enough to the second goal that will allow them to add bluetooth to the device.

The expected retail will be about $249, but as of right now, there’s still some $99 early bird slots open.  In its final form, there will be 3 versions of the Evoke.  One for e-liquid and two other versions designed for use with “herbal” products.

Steve K

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