Fat-Bottomed Tank – The SmokTech Tumbler Review

The SmokTech Tumbler as a somewhat odd-shaped bottom coil clearomizer tank. I’ve heard some refer to it as looking like a lava lamp. I see a bowling pin when I look at it. The Tumbler is sure to make a statement on just about any e-cigarette or APV. But the point of this Smoktech Tumbler tank review is to find out if it’s actually any good.

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tumbler tank card image Product name Colored Tumbler Bottom Coil Tanks
Available from  MadVapes
Price  $9.99
Capacity  2.5ml
Resistance 2.0 ohm
Threading eGo cone
Competing products  Trophy tank, CE4, Protank
Who’s it for?  Vapers who want a unique and easy-to-fill tank with good performance

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SmokTech Tumbler Design

You can’t really talk about the Tumler without starting with the oddball shape of the thing.  It starts off at the top with a unibody mouthpiece and top cap, which tapers toward the bottom. The taper gives way to a frosted plastic tank (available in several colors). The bottom of the device then tapers down slightly.

tumbler tank review two tanksIt’s certainly curvy, and one of the more unique designs out there. At the end of the day it’s still a cartomizer. In this case it’s a bottom coil setup. Since it’s part of the Smok family of bottom coil clearomizers, that means it has replacement heads which are compatible with the rest of the lineup, like the Trophy Tank.

Like most modern bottom coil designs, the Tumbler’s shiny chrome unified slim mouthpiece and top cap are glued to the tank. A tube runs inside the tank from the mouthpiece to the bottom of the tank. A stem atop the head fits into the tube and is sealed with gaskets to keep the precious e-liquid inside the tank.

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The head screws into the tapered bottom cap (also shiny). And like many clearomizers on the market, the device attaches to an e-cigarette battery connector via eGo cone threads. In the unlikely event you have a device lacking an eGo cone connector, an adapter will be in order.

tumbler tank on vision spinnerThings might be a little odd looking with an adapter. To be honest, while this tank looks good atop my more advanced vaporizers, I think it looks best on an eGo. I have a mini chrome Vision Spinner that just pairs brilliantly with this tank.

Using the term “tank” might be a little over-generous. Despite its fairly big size, this unit only houses about 2.5ml of e-liquid inside the plastic tank.  A good deal of the bulk is taken by the bottom section which is large in order for the whole taper thing to work out.

Speaking of bottom and plastic tank, I found the plastic threading for the bottom section to be somewhat of a weak point.  I lost one tank when I dropped it and the APV to which it was attached. The plastic threads broke off inside the end cap.

This one will take a little bit of care to avoid breakage. For similar reasons, I don’t consider this device very pocket friendly.

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