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Using the SmokTech Tumbler

Thanks to the rather ample girth of the Tumbler around the tank, filling this thing is about as easy as it gets.  I actually can fill this thing directly from the gigantic 240ml bottles of e-liquid I keep around (they have a top similar to a mustard bottle, the tank ain’t THAT big.) No special bottle is required here. Just fill with whatever you got, assuming it has some sort of tip.

smoktech tumbler review openThe only filling difficulties you can run into is overfilling. Mostly because it’s so quick to fill, it’s easy to put too much in and risk over-topping the center tube when you screw everything back together.

Once filled and attached to your favorite vaping device, you might find the draw to be on the airy side.  Naturally, this is a matter of preference. There are two air holes on either side of the base, covering one will stiffen the draw a bit. Protip: don’t cover both holes at once unless you’re a fan of drinking e-liquid.  Trust the voice of experience on that one.

Speaking of drinking e-liquid, I noticed the skinny, tapered mouthpiece design seems to have a way of collecting condensation. Turning the clearomizer upside down and tapping it on a paper towel will generally resolve the issue, but it can catch you unawares.

Now, on to the vapor production. Even with the airy draw, the vapor experience in the Tumbler is not shabby at all.  The tank puts out a nice cloud of dense vapor. Despite the loose draw there is some good throat hit present.

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smoktech tumbler headFlavor reproduction is respectable as well.  The whole Smok bottom coil line does good in this department, thanks to everything using the same heads, unlike some companies.  I’m lookin’ at you, Kanger.

Being a bottom coil and one with an airy draw at that, this clearomizer doesn’t produce the warmest vapor in the world.  Then again, it’s also not the coldest. It’s definitely a middle of the road thing in the warmth department.

The SmokTech Tumbler is sort of an odd bird. If you’re not so hip on the unconventional look, you could expect the same performance (with a less airy draw) out of the Trophy. Then again, this tank is fairly inexpensive, so that might be a good argument for looking a little strange.

Too Long; Didn’t Read

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The SmokTech Tumbler is bound to get some interesting looks with its curvaceous appearance and available tank colors. There are a couple of flaws, particularly with the tank’s threading strength. The performance and low price seem to outweigh the negatives making this a decent choice, particularly if you fancy yourself some sort of iconoclast.

You can get yours at MadVapes


  • Unique styling
  • Fairly inexpensive
  • Good performance
  • Replaceable heads


  • Weak threads on tank
  • eGo cone threaded


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