A Few of My Favorite Things

Hey everybody! It’s the last full week of 2014. You know what that means?

years best vaping articles


That’s right, a clip show. I’m going to go through my favorite posts of 2014 month by month and share them with you.



Why aren’t there more studies: In this article I dissected the popular prohibitionist argument that we just don’t know all that much about e-cigarettes.  Turns out, we do, just not stuff those guys want to hear.

Cool Fire II: I reviewed Innokin’s oddball grenade themed e-cigarette.  I had a hard time keeping a straight face on this one.


februaryCool Fire 1: I reviewed the much more subdued and dialed back cousin to the Innokin grenade.

Calling all vapers: Some genius decided the world really needs a Bluetooth enabled eCig that can be used as a speakerphone.

How to fund a vape shop: Frequent guest poster Norm provided some insight on financing an e-cigarette shop of your very own.  This was one of the top posts of the year.



Dispelling the Antifreeze myth: Hands-down this was THE most popular thing I’ve ever written.  It continues to hold up going into 2015. In the post, I debunked 7 myths commonly heard surrounding e-cigarettes.

V4L Goes 510.  Vapor4Life rolled out a line of their most popular gear in 510 threading after being exclusively 808 for years.  I had the review first.

Blu relaunches SkyCig: Blu Cigs bought out UK brand SkyCig and turned them into the UK version of Blu.

Suing NYC: A group of smokers and vapers tried to sue the city to stop their infamous vaping ban.  In this article, I reviewed Russ, the ringleader of the movement.

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aprilSteve sets sail: I shared my experience vaping on my cruise aboard the Disney Dream.

Western Australia Outlaws Vaping: In a landmark court case against a vendor, the Australian state ruled that any form of vape product was illegal.

FDA regulations released: In April, the FDA finally released for public comment its proposed regulations that would cover e-cigarettes. Panic ensued.


maySmok Magneto review: The first of many mechanical mod reviews I’d be doing in 2014.

Lawsuits: The maker of the Hana mod began suing retailers that carried knockoff versions of their device.

Join CASAA: My rant on why everyone needs to join CASAA. It bears repeating. If you haven’t joined, read the article and then join.  It’s free.


juneBlu Gaga: A quickly debunked rumor alleged Lady Gaga and Blu would team up.  This naturally got prohibitionists in a lather about The Children.


JulyReynolds boots Blu: Shortly after announcing plans to buy out Lorillard, RJR announced it would be selling off blu in favor of its in-house vapor products.

I finally review the Nautilus: After being the first to notice this tank back in January, I finally got around to an actual review 6 months later despite the tank’s huge popularity.

Ron gets into the hardware game: After contributing many fine e-liquid reviews, Ron took a crack at reviewing hardware with the Kayfun Lite clone.


AugusteGo guide released: I finally got around to writing the first of several planned guides to different types of vaping gear. The eGo guide remains the only one to this day.

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Innokin goes mechanical: My review of the first Innokin mech mod, the iTaste 134 MX-Z (Zodiac).


RJR asks the FDA to ban its competitors. In comments made in response to the FDA, RJR asks them to ban everything that competes with their products.  You know, for safety.

Mountain of paperwork: Based on the Swedish Match application for status as reduced harm with the FDA, I hypothesized the nightmare e-cigarette companies are facing in terms of paperwork.

My favorite APV: I reviewed the Cana DNA 30 box mod.  It quickly become one of my favorite products of the year. Ok, I happily admit it’s a Hana clone, but I still like it.



V2 Pro Series 3: I reviewed a rather unique device from e-cigarette company V2 Cigs. A vaporizer designed for three kinds of vaporizing.

Kids in vape shops? I published a controversial opinion piece that asks the question if it’s a bad idea to bring your kids with you to the vape shop.

Another mech review: I took a look at a Panzer clone in this review.  I reviewed a bunch of mechanicals, but this one’s simplicity and style helped it stand out.



e-Cigarette News Launched: I finally decided to split up the news and long form articles into different sites.  The result was e-Cigarette News. If you’ve been clicking through this guide, you might have already visited the site.  Feel free to keep doing it.

Another year in review: I realize this seems kind of meta, putting a year in review post in a year in review post. But this one is altogether different. Penned by business guru Norm.

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December, 2014

And we’re back full circle.  It seems odd recounting something that was posted just posted. So I’ll end the article here.  Thanks for reading, let’s hang out more in 2015.

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