FDA Conjures Gateway Theory out of Thin Air with Magic Trick Ads

The new ads feature street magician and social media personality Julius Dein performing illusions with people’s vapes by appearing to turn them into traditional cigarettes. The FDA said they will run on networks including TeenNick, the CW, MTV and ESPN, in addition to streaming and social media sites.

FDA Uses Magic Tricks In First TV Ads To Prevent Teens From Vaping – CBS Boston

Well at least it’s not stupid puppets making outrageous anti-vaping claims along with cotton candy vomit. But, the FDA has released a new ad campaign aimed at keeping kids away from the vapes.

In the ad, a street magician magics those whipper snapper’s magic vape boxes into regular cigarettes. And just like magic *poof* the kids are not only convinced that vaping will make them smoke, but they’ll go and tell their friends how terrible vaping is.

Let’s face it prohibitionists have been doing this magic trick for ages now. They produce out of thin air the concept that vaping is a gateway to smoking. Gateway theories have been disproven for years now and yet they still stick with us.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that kids should vape. I’m a bit old school and still see vaping as a path away from smoking. Putting anything extra into your body with no good reason isn’t great.

But, I somehow manage to resist the urge to assume people are idiots and resort to magic tricks or other gimmicks to make a simple point.

You can check out the video below

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