FDA Looks Into Seizures, So Far No Vaping Link

The US FDA has been investigating a possible link between vaping and seizures reported by about 127 people over the course of the last 10 years.

Many of the reports are more recent since the Agency recently called for consumers to file reports to aid in any investigation. So far, no direct link has been found and the FDA cautions that this doesn’t mean that there is a direct link between vaping and the medical incidents.

Of course, I seriously doubt the prohibitionist propaganda machine will take the investigation with a grain of salt. I predict in the very near future I’ll be writing a commentary about some group claiming that there is a definite link between the two.

The FDA said the evidence it has analyzed so far doesn’t establish a clear pattern or cause for the cases. It also said the additional reports “do not necessarily indicate an increase in frequency or prevalence” of seizures among people who vape.

FDA investigating 127 reports of seizures after vaping

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