FDA’s Lies Can Cause Ripple Effect

This recent article points out how irresponsible the FDA, WHO and other health agencies’ untruthful crusade against vaping can have some serious consequences.

We’re not just talking about smokers who never switch and therefore eventually pay the price to their health. The bigger issue is about trust in our institutions.

Americans’ trust in national institutions is lower than ever. If that lack of confidence extends to health institutions, it can have deadly consequences when there are true emergencies, such as outbreaks of infectious or food-borne illnesses. The ability of agencies like FDA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to protect the public from immediate threats depends on the public’s confidence in those agencies and their willingness to follow agency recommendations. The disturbing rise in infectious childhood diseases, caused by vaccine skepticism, is just one example of what happens when people lose faith in health agency wisdom.

FDA can save lives by rejecting Scott Gottlieb’s lies

Despite many of the agencies noble efforts to keep meth out of our breakfast cereal and prevent infectious diseases, people are losing faith. After all when an agency requires people to lie about the benefits of vaping, and requires things like a inanimate hunk of metal to say it contains nicotine, it makes you wonder.

Is it that far of a stretch to believe that they’re making stuff up about vaccines too (I’m so glad I don’t use comments on this site right now), or the importance of hand washing? We’ve seen what happens when people disbelieve when it comes to real health threats and it ain’t pretty.

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Health agencies need to stop being moralistic before some real epidemic sweeps through the world.

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