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Fin Electronic Cigarette Kits – A Review

Using the Fin e-Cigarette

Let me get this right out of the way.  I am no fan of the 3-piece e-cigarette design.  I find cartomizers to generally be much less messy, perform better and are simply easier to deal with than an atomizer and cartridge setup.  I normally reserve atomizers for direct dripping (you can read more in my atomizers article).  Since all Fins have automatic batteries, dripping isn’t exactly an option.

Fin e-cig starter kit atomizer detailThe atomizer itself is fairly decent.  However, it’s a fairly high-voltage unit, with mine weighing in at a hefty 3.7Ω  Between bolting that atomizer to a lower voltage battery like a 510 and using cartridges, I’m actually pretty surprised the Fin was about to output a fairly decent (albeit cool) vapor.

In case you’re wondering, strapping that atomizer to my ProVari and running it at 5v produces some pretty nice results!

In general, I’d say the performance of the Fin isn’t bad, but it doesn’t produce the kind of vapor other kits in the same class like the V2 or Revolution Vapor starter kits could.

As far as flavor goes, I thought the tobacco flavor wasn’t bad.  It’s an understated tobacco flavor that’s fairly balanced.  There wasn’t any sort of overpowering nutty flavor that is present in a lot of basic tobacco flavors.  In general I found the flavor to be fairly mild and a little sweet.  I didn’t try the menthol flavor.

Fin e-cig starter kit package claimsThe one thing I have to take exception to the most is the claim of equivalency on the packaging.  Most big brands tend to exaggerate saying a cartomizer around 1ml in capacity is equivalent to a pack of smokes.  Fin escalates that slightly by saying their cartridges are equal to 25 cigarettes (yet they hold half the e-liquid).  In reality, 1ml is good for maybe 10 cigarettes if you stretch things a little.

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The battery is a standard 510 style, so it probably weighs in at around 180mAh.  This translates into 90 minutes to a couple of hours of run time for average users, 45 minutes or so for people like me.  The stated charge time is around 2 hours.  This makes an argument to get the kit with the 2 batteries.

Too Long; Didn’t Read

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The Fin Electronic Cigarettes Lifestyle Kit comes in quite possibly the best packaging I’ve ever had the pleasure to unbox.  The Fin gear itself is unique in that it’s one of the few e-cigarettes in this group that sticks to the three piece design.  The use of a 306 atomizer helps improve the performance of an otherwise dated and inefficient method of vaporizing e-liquid.  The result is a decent e-cigarette, but probably not the top performer in the category. They are available for purchase at


  • Fantastic storage case included with the Lifestyle kit
  • Atomizers are top notch
  • White LED on the battery
  • Generally a good looking kit


  • So-so performance
  • No choice in flavors, strengths or batteries
  • Low capacity cartridges


Product Name: Fin Electronic Cigarettes Starter/Lifestyle Kit
Available From: FinCigs
Price: $30 (standard kit) $60 (Lifestyle Kit)
Threading: 510 (with 306 atomizer)
Battery Capacity: ~180mAh
Atomizer Resistance: 3.7Ω

Disclosure: This product was provided to me by Fin for the purposes of review

Steve K

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  • Awesome, Steve! From everyone at our family-owned company … a huge thanks! If anyone would like some more info, check us out at

    • Thanks Frank. I just realized I never hyperlinked your site within the review. I've fixed that. I'm also going to start working on another review for the disposables, that should be out next week some time assuming all goes to plan :)

  • Thanks, Steve. Looking forward to it.

  • i have tried fin and its been 8 days havet smoke a cig i use to smoke like 2 pack of marlburo 27s thank god and i am just 27 thanx to fin it really works awsomeee ,,,,,all my friends wants to buy it now ….can i get any protional codes or any discounts on this please reply me ,,,,,,,

    • that's great it's working for you! I don't have any codes for Fin, but sometimes if you sign up on a company's site for their newsletter if they have one, they'll send out codes.

    • right now you can use the code WELCOME BACK to get 20% their online store

  • I just got the FINITI at Walgreens and I'm really liking the Menthol. I checked the FIN website and saw they have a better deal on the cartridges but found out that they are not interchangeable with each other. I contacted FIN and they said that they will be by the end of the year. Hope its true. Walgreens sells a 5 pack for $15 but FIN website is 14 for $20.

    • It's convenient being able to pick up cartridges at walgreens and all, but that is a little pricey.

    • DO NOT buy the finiti brand carts to go with the FIN battery they are not interchangeable!!! found out the hard way

  • I don't like it so much.The battery didn't last longer.Can you refil the cartridge with liquid,there r more flavor?

  • Glad to see a review on the Fin. I'm new to ecigs after smoking for almost 18 yrs. I picked up the Fin kit from WalMart and loved it. I love the taste and the convenience of having the refills at Walmart. I too learned that the refills that I purchased online did not match the battery I bought from Walmart. I contacted the company about being a confused newbie and they were so kind to send me atomizers. Fin's product and their customer service has made kicking the habit such a pleasant experience. Thank you!

  • I have been using Blu Ecigs for a week now, and have already sent one battery back for replacement which left me with only one battery. Last night at Wal*Mart i saw a starter kit for Fin Ecigs for $8.95, so i bought one to try out.

    The kit contained 1 battery, 1 cartridge, and 1 USB charger….pretty much all you need to get started. I got home, screwed the cartridge onto the battery and took a puff……i was impressed…..very impressed. It had good vapor, good throat hit, and left me wishing for more flavors than the tobaco and menthol that Fin offers, so i decided to try something.

    I took one of my Cherry Crush cartridges that are made for Blu and screwed it onto the Fin battery, AND IT WORKED !!

    So if you are looking for a good ecig that is way way cheaper than Blu, yet you like the flavors of the Blu cartridges, head down to the store and pick yourself up a Fin Ecig starter pack.

  • Fin is the best e cig I've ever tried. It's similar in flavor to a Pall Mall, and unlike many e cigs, it actually delivers enough nicotine to satisfy cravings, not just tease you into wanting a real cig. Excellent brand, I recommend it

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